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Why Net Neutrality Matters

You may have seen the news coverage or maybe you saw the front page of Reddit yesterday. Americans are fighting hard to save net neutrality. We wanted to take a moment to explain why net neutrality is important, and how the goings on may effect the UK down the line. What is Net Neutrality? From […]

Cutting Through the Social Media Noise

We talk a lot about the benefits of digital marketing, how to use it and how to optimise it. But your customers have to sift through a lot of information before they can even begin to hear your message. How do you cut through all the social media noise? This week, we are going to […]

Welcome to Aoileann!!

We’ve had a busy, busy summer – between user days and new developments – we’ve been going full throttle. During the summer, we were really excited to welcome a new member to our ace support team: Aoilenn! If you haven’t met Aoileann (pronounced Eee-lin) yet – no doubt you will soon! Aoileann comes to Ticketsolve […]

Content Marketing: Creating a Message Map

How do you create a consistent message for multiple customer personas? What about other people you may need to communicate with? Press, affiliates, partners, suppliers, etc.? What about the need to create content for a variety of social media channels and formats? Consistent messaging is at the core of good content marketing, but with multiple targets, […]

Customer Experience is Everything

Customer experience is becoming the biggest differentiator in a sea of choices for customers. Customers go to shows for a variety of reasons. Maybe it is that particular play or production, maybe it is a gift, maybe it is a family day out, or maybe it is a yearly event for them. Regular patrons will […]

Falmouth University’s AMATA Students Get Real World Experience With Ticketsolve

Ticketsolve gets used in some pretty unique ways. Falmouth University’s integration of Ticketsolve is no exception. We spoke to James Randell, production assistant for the Academy of Music and Theatre Arts (AMATA) at Falmouth University, and learned how Ticketsolve is helping their students get real world experience on an industry leading box office solution. About […]

Arts Organisations Are Like Startups.

On the surface businesses and arts organisations don’t seem to have a lot in common. Businesses are driven entirely by profit and shareholder value. Arts organisations are not driven by profit, but rather by providing arts, cultural and community value. But just because their goals might be different start ups and arts organisations make up […]