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Welcome Katy!

Have you met Katy yet? We are super excited to introduce you to Katy! Our newest superwoman in support! Katy comes to us with amazing box office and sales experience. In addition to support experience, Katy has also worked in front of house, and has both hands on and supervisory experience in theatres. Katy has […]

Welcome Ling!

We have always worked hard to ensure Ticketsolve is as user friendly as possible. But it was definitely time to take Ticketsolve to the next level. Enter Ling. Ling is Ticketsolve’s UX guru bringing focused experience in user design, and work flows to Ticketsolve. Her experience spans both desktop and mobile, and across both front and back […]

Welcome Ewan!

There are so many exciting new developments coming down the line at Ticketsolve. But to execute effectively, we knew we needed to grow the development team. Enter Ewan. Ewan joins Ticketsolve’s development team bringing not only an impressive technical skills, and a solid background in the arts. Ewan has over 10 years of software development […]

Social Media Algorithms: No Seriously, Keep Reading

Social media algorithms are something you need to know about. No seriously, keep reading we promise it is relevant. For arts organisations who rely on social media marketing (and those that are thinking about it), things have changed, but it might not be all that bad. Algorithms may seem like some strange voodoo magic 8 ball, […]

Welcome Aoife!

You have probably had a chat with her already (she’s pretty great right)? But we haven’t formally introduced our “newest” Ticketsolver yet – Aoife! Understanding the challenges of box office and marketing is second nature to Aoife, our newest Ticketsolver who joins us in Customer Support. Aoife has an incredible amount of box office, communications […]

How to Use Google URL Builder to Track Campaigns

Measure everything, is certainly marketing –  (and digital marketing in particular) – rule number one. After all, if you don’t measure your campaigns, how do you know if they are successful or not (anecdotal evidence doesn’t count)? Last year we gave you some tips on what to measure in our Are Your Marketing Campaigns Successful […]

Increasing Customer Email Sign Ups

Recently on our blog we looked at average weight of purchase (AWOP), and steps to take to help increase this very important metric. This week we want to look at a related topic: how to increase customer opt ins for email. Why Email Sign Ups are Important Email is more important now than ever; becoming like a passport […]

Snapshot: Growth Hacking

We’ve talked a lot  about growth hacking, and if you have been following along on our case studies, you probably have a sense of what it can achieve. But, you may still want a clearer picture on what growth hacking actually is and what it can do for you. Growth Hacking is a marketing method, […]