Widen Your Reach and Increase Sales with Facebook Connect

Facebook is much more than just a social network. With access to 1 billion users, Facebook provides access to a massive worldwide audience whilst allowing you to instantly engage with your customers and effectively drive ticket sales.  With the right tools, you can turn Facebook into an important sales and marketing channel.

Ticketsolve’s new Facebook Connect plug-in ensures that that anyone with a Facebook account can instantly interact with your website and buy tickets with the click of a button. The plug-in’s single sign-on functionality means that when a Facebook user sees one of your promoted events on the social network, they can purchase tickets without having to register or sign in again on your site. This removes a significant barrier to purchase.

Online purchase abandonment at the payment stage hovers at around the 60% mark, and the number one obstacle to sales at this stage is that customers are usually asked to sign in or register before they can progress any further. This equates to a cashier at your local corner shop asking for your home address and a password every time you try to buy your groceries.

That would drive away customers in the offline world so it’s hardly surprising that it turns people off in the online sphere too. Your customers will appreciate the convenience of using their existing Facebook account instead of having to register a new account and, by eliminating extra steps, you’ll be shortening the path to sales.

Furthermore, using Facebook Connect means that your customers will become a real marketing asset. When a ticket is purchased, details of the event are broadcast on the purchaser’s newsfeed, and events can be shared or liked, all of which will increase an events social reach.

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