Accessible Website Design with Catherine Turner

Untangling the Knots around Website Accessibility A practical guide for your team and your organisation

The term ‘accessibility’ can stir different feelings and interpretations depending on where and how it’s brought into the conversation, but at its core, it’s about ensuring everyone has equal access to your online presence. This guide will demystify website accessibility and show you how to create a more inclusive experience for your audience.

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Website Accessibility

Improving the online accessibility experience for audiences

  • Providing a clear understanding of what website accessibility means

    The guide aims to untangle the different connotations and meanings of the term “accessibility” to promote better understanding and drive change towards improving the online customer experience for all users, including those who need assistive technology.

  • Learn how website accessibility benefits everyone, not just those with disabilities

    Tips for keeping accessibility high on the agenda for your organisation so that your team can continue to have important conversations and make the necessary changes to enhance the accessibility of your communications and channels.

  • Find practical tips and best practices for making your website accessible

    Discover how to identify and remove barriers to interaction and access to your website. Catherine shares her favourite resources for wherever you are on your journey to improving digital accessibility for your organisation. 

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