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Audience Segmentation: Get Started Quickly

In our last post, we looked at why audience segmentation is important to ROI and specific models that work well. Today, we want to take a look at some ideas to help you easily and quickly start segmenting your customers. Even with simple segmentation you can start to tailor your marketing messages (making them that […]

Audience Segmentation

ROI. You are doing everything you can to maximise ROI and then some. But if you are not looking at audience segmentation you are missing out on a great ROI opportunity for your campaigns. Every theatre, arts centre or festival can look at audience segmentation, and tap into a great way to get to know your […]

Case Study: A Professional System, Linking the Academic to Real Events

Falmouth University has been one of Cornwall’s foremost universities for over 100 years with the Sunday Times recently ranking them the number one Arts University in the UK. Falmouth has been challenging creativity since its existence, and is a specialist creative, multi-arts institution for rethinking convention and outthinking challenges.  Falmouth has been growing – with […]

Ticketsolve Becomes Part of UK Government’s Digital Marketplace

We are please to announce that we have been accepted as a supplier of the Government’s Digital Marketplace under the G-Cloud 7 Framework. The Digital Marketplace allows the public sector to easily purchase cloud-based technologies, revolutionising the procurement process. By using the G-Cloud framework, organisations can now purchase Ticketsolve directly from the framework. This removes […]

Loyalty Schemes The Holy Grail of Repeat Customers?

Ah loyalty. Webster’s defines it as “a strong feeling of support or allegiance to someone or something.” For businesses loyalty, is the holy grail for customer relationships. After all, a loyal customer buys more and spends more. In the arts, culture and entertainment world it is the difference between repeat, long standing customers and those that come only […]

Want to Increase Social Engagement? Get Real.

Creating engaging, appealing content for social platforms is not easy. Creating a Facebook page, and filling it with boring content (or worse – condescending content), will do little to build a good relationship with your customers. At worse it will actively drive them away. With 50% of people trusting a company’s Facebook page over their […]

Custom Audiences Are Here to Stay

If you do any type of online marketing (and who doesn’t do some these days), you may have come across social media advertising. The ROI delivered from social media advertising can seem too good to be true, “£60 will deliver my advert to how many?!” But, look a little deeper, and you may start to […]