Arts Working Group Recovery Toolkit: Risk Assessment Templates

03 Aug 2020 | Covid-19, Planning, Re-Opening

The Arts Working Group is working on a series of modules designed to help theatres in their recovery planning. An important first step is risk assessment, so this module released here focuses on just that.

The Arts Working Group has compiled this module of the toolkit to address risk assessments which is an important first step towards reopening. Download your copy below.
The toolkit is designed to support venues, theatres, and arts organisations across the UK as they plan for recovery, prepare for reopening, and protect their teams and their audiences in the process. Share it with your network and your neighbour.
Together, we’ll create a unified approach to reopening and rebuild consumer confidence towards
attending the arts.
We hope the templates below will support your team and create a little more certainty
around new procedures.

Arts Working Group Recovery Toolkit: Risk Assessment Templates

You can also find a link to download the first module of the toolkit, Reopening through Clear Communications here


Stay safe and let’s keep working together!
Arts Working Group

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