Fundraising Considerations: Covid and Beyond

11 Sep 2020 | Fundraising, Planning, Team

David Johnson of Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy walks us through what we need to consider when fundraising during a crisis and beyond.

COVID-19 has caused major problems to cash flow and revenue streams of the arts & cultural sector. Lockdown restrictions, social distancing measures, and furloughed staff mean organisations are experiencing new challenges. For most, fundraising will be important and the only source of revenue over the next few months. Even as reopening and recovery planning is being put in place, fundraising will remain an important part of the strategy for many arts organisations. 

In this whitepaper, David Johnson of Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy shows us some of the most important considerations to successfully implement crisis fundraising campaigns for your organisation during this period of closure.

Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy work with a wide range of organisations in the arts, culture, and heritage sectors. Their mission is to transform the fundraising knowledge, skills and levels of success of arts organisations. Their team empowers cultural professionals to harness the considerable opportunities that fundraising offers and to develop diverse and entrepreneurial practice, building and growing a skilled fundraising workforce. Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy has published their latest e-zine, Now New and Next with a specific focus on fundraising in a crisis. David Johnson, Head of Programme outlines some of the key fundraising challenges organisations need to consider as they plan for reopening.

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