Hertford Theatre's Story: A Successful Reopening

30 Sep 2020 | Covid-19, Marketing, Re-Opening

Hertford Theatre shares their recipe for reopening success and welcoming back their audiences with this new Ticketsolve case study....

Hertford has been at the centre of arts and entertainment life in Hertford since 1977. Always a packed programme, Hertford has something for everyone from Theatre and Cinema to Gallery and Studio space, a wonderful Café/Bar and the River Room Conference Facility it is truly at the heart of their community. Hertford’s wide ranging programming, attracts people of all ages and from all walks of life from Hertford itself but also nearby towns as well the North London suburbs. A big part of their programming has always been cinema screenings which typically run six to seven days a week.
For Hertford Theatre, a bustling space, full of energy and life was the norm. But then, on March 17th 2020, Hertford’s world was turned upside down. 
Read more about how their team coped during closure and prepared for a successful reopening in our new case study! 

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