Keeping On Top Of Those Small Box Office Jobs

02 Nov 2018 | Box Office

The box office. Probably the most important cog in the wheel of any arts organisation, festival or venue. If you sell tickets - the box office is at your core. Given the importance of the box office, your box office agents, or staff are probably the most vital staff as well (just don’t tell any techies that ;) . Box office staff are the link between your organisation and your customers. And without customers, you have a bit of a problem.

People might think that all box office agents do is wait for customers to walk through the door or call the office. The reality of course is that box office agents do a lot of unseen work: maintaining the box office, building relationships with customers and helping other parts of the organisation. In this post, we wanted to share some of our ideas on all the little jobs box office agents can do behind the scenes.

Keep the Database Clean


As every marketeers knows, data is king (or queen), but in order to have actually useful data you need clean data. So, if the box office has a little downtime, a great idea would be to keep on top of the database and do a little spring cleaning. Ticketsolve’s deduplication tool is perfect for this as it is easy to use, and can be run on different criteria which is perfect for splitting it between each member of the team. So you could assign someone to look after all records that start with a,b,c,d and then assign another person all records that start with e,f,g,h. Spring cleaning made easy!

Talk to Customers


Not everyone who walks into the box office wants to buy a ticket. They may just wander in and have a look around. This is a perfect opportunity to build a long lasting relationship with those types of customers. Encourage your staff to chat with customers and engage with them. Remind box office staff there is no need to hard sell tickets - just go over and have a chat. It doesn’t even need to be theatre related, just connecting with your customers is equally as important as sales.

Proofread Marketing Bits and Bobs


This a great idea for two reasons, first, the marketing team get an extra pair of eyes to read over brochures and materials to check for mistakes or omissions. Second, reading the brochure from cover to cover means the he box office staff (without them realising it) will be taking in information about every show coming up next season. It’s a win win!

Take the Box Office to Your Customers


We’ve all been there: it’s beautiful outside and the box office has been empty all day. Well, why not just rock outside with a laptop and set up a temporary box office in the sun? If the customers are not coming to the box office, take the box office to the customers! Not only will you start talking to more customers, but you will also be spreading the gospel of your venue.

Chasing Up Reservations & Amounts Due

It’s always important to get your customers to pay for their tickets before they attend events. If your organisation adopts a reservation or a deposit policy the box office should be calling these customers asking them to pay for their tickets before they arrive. Not only will the customers thank you (they probably forgot about the tickets they reserved), but the finance department will love you too ;)

We hope you found the above useful. We realise that you are probably doing the above anyway, so if we missed something get in touch and let us know - let’s share our ideas with the wider Ticketsolve community!


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