Please Form an Orderly Queue

22 Aug 2013 | Customer Support

A recent study suggests we spend about 1 1/2 years of our lives in queues. While waiting at the supermarket seems to waste the most time, so does waiting for your turn at the bar, waiting for a bus or a train, or waiting in the queue at the shops. The study that reviewed 2,000 Britons queueing habits and found that people are not bothered about long wait times for something they really want, maybe Britons penchant for orderly queue goes some way in explaining this behaviour :)

Queueing up is of course a fact of everyday life, whether for the Tube or the cinema. But queues online are something we rarely think about - unless of course you are in our business. Only two days ago, the FIFA website was completely shut down due the demand for 2014 World Cup tickets.

While FIFA has the website back up now, it shows just what demand can do to a website resulting in frustrated fans and lost sales. Imagine a sale of 5,000 tickets, which attracts 50,000 users. Typically, the website would crash and you would sell the 5,000 tickets to 1,250 customers. The remaining 48,750 users – potential customers – leave your site without a trace.

With Ticketsolve, we can mitigate this problem. Ticketsolve uses patent pending technology from Queue-It to manage online queues for ticket sales. Queue-It is especially valuable when dealing with high demand events or high peak sales times.

Queue-It manages user flow through Ticketsolve so that,

1. Your website will not fail during high peak times.

2. Your patrons know exactly where they are in the Queue and when they will be able to purchase their tickets (patrons can dynamically follow their unique queue number as they move up the queue).

3. You don't lose sales due to website slow downs or crashes.


Even an online queue is an opportunity. Below are some ideas to help your patrons get through the queue - and improve your revenues.

1. Promoting upcoming similar shows or events

2. Up-selling to a higher ticket

3. Merchandise sales

4. Donations appeal

5. Meal or drinks promotions

6. Membership options Patrons will forever loath queues, you can control to what degree. 


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