Stories of Collaboration with John Concannon; Ticketsolve Forum 2019

21 Nov 2019 | Marketing

John Concannon, Vice President at National University of Ireland, Galway, shared with us his experiences of Influencing the Nation at the Ticketsolve Forum in Dublin this October. Inspired by the power of different initiatives and collaborations, our team are taking a look at some examples of arts collaborations across the UK and in Ireland.

Marketing research in Japan ahead of World Cup found only 10% of those surveyed knew that Ireland existed. Half of those thought it was Iceland John Concannon, Vice President, NUIG

Really—Iceland?? Now that made us laugh! Concannon provided our Dublin delegates with powerful and bold statements on the challenges of marketing Ireland to the world stage. John Concannon is recognised as one of the architects of some of the most powerful marketing and cultural initiatives by the Irish State in recent times such as The Gathering, 1916 Centenary, and The Wild Atlantic Way.

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The Gathering 

Speaking about identity during his session at the Forum, Concannon defined it as one of the biggest drivers for culture. The Gathering took place in 2013 and was an initiative that drew the worldwide diaspora of Ireland back home. Place of identity was hugely important for the initiative which began as a governmental initiative and developed into a movement made by the people, for the people. The Gathering is a celebration for all who identify as Irish and offers a global reason to learn more about the Culture of Ireland.

In no other country is an insult a sign of affection or does one hot weekend constitute a summer The Gathering 2013
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The 1916 Centenary

The 1916 Centenary was both a global and national project celebrating the 100th year commemoration of the Easter Rising.

Focussing on diaspora and global communities, global participation sat at the core for the Centenary. Read more about our experience working on this project here

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Wild Atlantic Way 

Rejuvenating tourism throughout the west of the country, Wild Atlantic Way is defined as the longest defined coastal touring route in Europe. From Malin Head in County Donegal to Mizen Head in County Cork, the route covers the most northerly to the most southerly points of the country. The route passes through nine counties and three provinces, believe us when we say the route is filled with wonderful Things To Do. If you’re thinking of venturing on this stunning wild way, make sure you don’t forget your Passport which is available through our friends, Fáilte Ireland Tourist Information Offices.

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John Concannon’s Insights into Collaborating

We all have a contribution to make— we have to give back

Collaboration works best when your projects are benefiting others. 


 The power of collaborative projects

As the saying goes, there is strength in numbers. 


 Fighting the Good Fight, and telling your story

Collaboration is about working tirelessly to try and make good choices and help others. 

Some examples are

The Civic Theatre with Inspire 

Since 2017,INSPIRE donations have funded over 800 children from local schools, creches and youth groups to  attend shows for free at the Civic!

Civic Theatre also won Best Sales & Marketing Campaign in The South Dublin Chamber Business Awards 2018. For more information, check out Inspire on their website.

INSPIRE - The Civic.png

Déda Derby with Plus One 

Deda are working with Barnardos to spread the love of live performances amongst children care leavers and their families through their Plus One collaboration.

Ticketsolve Deda.png

Seven Stories with Send a story to a North East Child this Christmas

Seven stories work various children's centres and school in the North East as well as local hospitals and hospices in East and West Newcastle to bring stories into the hands of those who need them. More information is available here.  

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Project Arts Centre with Project Commissioning Fund 

As part of their 2016 anniversary celebrations, Project Arts Centre established the Project Commissioning Fund for artists, a long-term fundraising initiative which will ensure the spirit and passion of Project continues to nurture artists into the future. Take a further read on their website!

Project 50 Commissioning Fund - Project Arts Centre.png

National Gallery of Ireland with Tropical Popical

Putting the polish on their project with Tropical Popical, National Gallery of Ireland definitely nailed it with RENAILSSANCE!!

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