The Ticketsolve Academy

09 Apr 2020

The Ticketsolve Academy has launched! Learn how we're getting on after our second week of sessions and tutorials...

Gather your team, your laptops, and your thinking caps! The Ticketsolve Academy has officially launched!!

With the aim to develop new skills, inspire new ideas and strengthen the core basics and essential fundamentals for teams during this period of closure and lockdown, the Ticketsolve Academy is a great way to keep motivated, engaged, and up to date. 

Sessions each week cover a multitude of topics and areas. Aimed for all members of your team, we're calling our box office, marketing, operational, fundraising, and programming friends to join us every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as we keep the energy and positivity at a high. 

With over 400 attendees joining us to in the last 5 sessions, thank you to everyone taking part! 

We're already looking forward to kicking off Week 3 next Tuesday! 

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