Ticketsolve Blogging in Review— Top Blog Highlights 2019

03 Jan 2020

As we welcome a new year, a fresh decade, and a strong start to 2020, we take a look at some of our favourite and most insightful learnings from the Ticketsolve Blog 2019!

January: Could podcasting be part of your arts marketing arsenal

In January, we explored the ins and outs of podcasts and how to get started with a very different type of marketing channel.

February: Hertford Theatre grows online sales by 43% 

We take a look at how Hertford Theatre reached their goals with help from Ticketsolve.

March: Google Analytics: using our handbook for Google Analytics 

If you're data obsessed like we are, make sure you check out our top March blog as we take you through Google Analytics basics to make sure you can get the most out of GA data and our Analytics Playbook for the arts.

April: Ticketsolve Insights— 80% of your purchasers are women, what do you need to do to attract them?

Our team learned that amongst Ticketsolve customers, the data suggests that 80% of arts and cultural event purchasers identify as women. Here's how to get (and keep) this audience segment. 

May: The top 10 organisational tools every arts organisations needs 

Our favourite time-saving tools! 

June: Ticketsolve look at failing fast with Arts Professional 

At the end of May 2019, our first editorial as part of our new partnership with Arts Professional went live. 

July: Email Automation— A new Ticketsolve whitepaper for the AMA 

As digital marketing sponsors for the AMA conference 2019, we released our whitepaper on email automation. 

August: Make the most of visual text in your marketing campaigns 

Text across marketing visuals and all online graphics showed higher engagement rates and conversions during 2019. Read more to see how you text could help you achieve your social media advertising goals during 2020. 

September: Ticketsolve Campaign Considerations— Going Paperless 

As part of our green campaign, Culture Change for Climate Change, we take a look at how we can go paperless in the arts and cultural sector. #Culture4Climate

October: Ticketsolve Tips & Tricks: Ticketsolve Forum 2019 

We shared some great tips at our favourite event of the year, the Ticketsolve Forum 2019! 

November: Guest Blog: David Johnson: fundraising across your organisation 

David Johnson of Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy delivered a powerful keynote session at the Ticketsolve Forum at Leicester Square. We're lucky enough that he joined the Ticketsolve blog for one week in October too. 

December: Creating wow customer moments: Step 1, personas

The first step in creating compelling customer moments is defining and understanding who those customers are. The best way to do that is through customer segmentation and personas.

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