Ticketsolve Campaign Considerations

22 Aug 2019

For the next few weeks, our team are looking at what we believe to be some of the most important elements of campaigns in the arts and cultural sector. We’re bringing you the Ticketsolve Campaign Considerations blog series.

The team at Ticketsolve have worked in the arts and understand how busy it can be; how do you focus on the more important parts of your job, when 10 other priorities are vying for your attention? That’s why we’re bringing to you a series of blogs to help your organisation get the most from the smaller details of your campaigns. As we all know, sometimes the largest gains and wins come from the smaller tweaks and edits that we make. Our considerations can be implemented quickly and easily so that your team can enjoy these benefits instantly.

The Ticketsolve Campaigns Considerations #TsConsiderations have already focussed on allowing text to enhance your marketing visuals on social to Make the Most from Text and the best Ticketsolve Tips ‘n' Tricks for utilising hashtags for your campaign content to Amplify your Campaigns with Smart Hashtagging. Over the next few weeks, our team will look at newsletters, blogs, going green, fundraising, best box office and much more!

In the meantime, make sure you get caught up with our first two considerations and get ready for more in the weeks to come!


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