Ticketsolve Customer Case Study: Hertford Theatre Grows Online Sales by 43%

21 Feb 2019 | Case Study, Sales

Ticketsolve customer Hertford Theatre has seen a significant boost in online sales and more. Read on to find out how they reached their goals with help from Ticketsolve.

Have you ever wondered why responsive design matters? I mean how does responsive design impact your customers and more importantly, your box office sales?

We sat down with our friends at Hertford Theatre to learn how after just one year of using Ticketsolve’s responsive customer journey, they grew their online sales by almost 43%!

“I think it is fair to say we had limited progression across our ticketing activities. We really needed to take our whole approach to the next level: from data, to getting customers online, to integrated marketing. We wanted to move the organisation forward.” Ben Cannell, Front of House Manager
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The team at Hertford knew that their marketing and ticketing procedures weren’t producing the results that they wanted. This is of course, frustrating and can really demotivate your team. Something just had to be done!

Hertford focused on their key problem areas: such as data, online sales, customer loyalty, and team collaboration. If this sounds familiar to you, you aren’t alone - these areas impact us all in the arts! The case study we have put together with Hertford Theatre highlights how the team found a solution to address all of these key areas and more!

The results are clear and listed in further detail in our study. In summary, online sales for Hertford Theatre grew by 42.75% with other major improvements witnessed throughout marketing activities and audience development. Hertford Theatre are a strong team and have the ability now to collaborate better and work faster. The power of data has had an influence across all of the theatre’s goals and objectives. Before online conversions above the industry average of 1.5% was just a dream for Hertford Theatre. Now conversions soaring over 5% is their reality - and we’re so proud to be a part of their success and witness Hertford Theatre grow!

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Want to know more about Future-Proofing with Ticketsolve? Download a copy of our case study and learn about the success of the Ticketsolve Community.

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