Ticketsolve is Evolving: Our New Box Office

22 Jan 2021 | Box Office, Development

Evolving Ticketsolve ensures our customers’ goals are met as they grow and evolve as arts organisations. It is an ongoing process; we are happy to share our vision on the evolution of Ticketsolve for 2019.

Last week our team decided to take a quick look back on Ticketsolve’s achievements for 2018. What a year it has been! It was clear through our discussions, that a lot has happened for our team and our customers over the past 12 months.

Even more wonderful is that the accomplishments of 2018, don’t have to come to an end as the new year begins. So what better way to start the year off than some more info on a brand spanking new Ticketsolve!

Understanding Your Needs Now And Into The Future: Evolving Ticketsolve

At Ticketsolve, we work hard at understanding your needs now and into the future. Our goal is to help our customers evolve as arts industry leaders and of course, make sure that you experience the best from your box office system;

  • Increasing sales

  • Focusing on data-driven marketing

  • Improving loyalty

  • Jump-starting fundraising

  • Better audience development

Lofty goals to be sure, but we know we can do this because of our collaborative approach and our commitment to investing consistently (and heavily) in our system ensuring that it can grow with your needs.

Concretely, that means an improved box office system for you. Your customers will still experience the same great responsive purchasing journey they always have, (and we will over time, be looking at ways to improve this journey). Our first priority was improving the seller’s side box office.

So what were our development objectives for the Ticketsolve box office?

  1. Fully responsive, meaning that you can sell tickets using mobile devices such as tablets etc.

  2. A brand new user interface (UI) which means a better experience for your box office agents.

  3. The new UI means that it is even more straight forward for Ticketsolve users to put through over the phone orders or walk-up orders for audience members. Box Office teams will be able to sell tickets with minimal training.

  4. The system is built on Ember which allows our development team to build new functionality much quicker than before.

Smock Alley and IMMA: Beta Testing and Collaboration At Work!

Beta Testing at Smock Alley.jpg

At the beginning of December Smock Alley Theatre and IMMA went into beta testing with the new box office. This testing (and feedback) has been vital to us, and so far the responses have us feeling ready to hit the new year running! 

"The first thing that was apparent is that 'training in' is barely needed if you've used a ticketing system before. I wasn't the only one who could sell a ticket straight away before even being shown any of the changes. It's very user-friendly, largely due to the new appearance which is clutter-free and super intuitive."
Osgar, Smock Alley Theatre

We are incredibly excited about the new box office and will keep you updated as beta testing continues!

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