Ticketsolve Webinar. Audience Engagement: No Longer Just a Buzzword

21 Jul 2020

In a post Covid world, audience engagement is not what it once was. How you engage your audience now matters more than ever.

Join us on Tuesday, 28th of July at 2pm for a webinar looking at the meaning of audience engagement for the Arts and Cultural sector.

Audience engagement certainly feels like a buzzword, but engagement is a very real expectation of modern audiences. Engagement is how you build a solid relationship with your customers. But the health crisis has thrown how we look at audience engagement into sharp focus. How do we engage with audiences without our typical anchors?

The World Has Shifted, Your Audience Engagement Strategy Needs to Shift With It

In this webinar we will take a look at what audience engagement really means in today’s new normal. We’ve seen a marked increase in digital activity and ecommerce - how might that impact how you engage with your audiences?

We’ll take a look at key points you need to consider, how data can drive your thinking and how to keep audiences engaged through all the noise.

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