A UK Theatre Success Story: Hertford Theatre Reopening

21 Aug 2020

This episode of the Arts and Everything in Between Podcast tells the success story of Hertford Theatre reopening!

On the latest episode of The Arts and Everything in Between Podcast, Paul speaks with our good friends Ben Cannel, Front of House Manager and Emma Parlow, Marketing Manager of Hertford Theatre. 

Ben and Emma talk openly and honestly about their own experience of getting operationally ready for reopening, working in team bubbles, gaining a Michelin star for their Café bar 'Copper Kettle', and letting the data guide them for creating socially distanced seating plans. 

Socially distanced cinema has become a massive part of the reopening of Hertford Theatre. Catch up on the conversation below; 

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Here's Ben and his wonderful team and the amazing volunteers of Hertford Theatre after a successful first cinema screening in July! 

Hertford Volunteers.jpg

Their team are constantly updating and tweaking seating plans based on the latest sales data. This means that they can sell more seats while maintaining the appropriate social distancing measurements. 

Hertford Auditorium.jpg

Find out more about the success story for Hertford Theatre and listen to our latest episode of the Arts and Everything in Between Podcast!

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