Why Theatres and Venues Should Consider Kiosk Sales

12 Dec 2013 | Management

It is hard to imagine a time when ticket sales via a kiosk was the height of innovation.

20 years ago it was - people were finally used to cash machines, so buying a ticket from a kiosk was gaining in acceptance. Today of course, kiosks are everywhere. From cinema tickets, to checking in at the airport, to buying furniture kiosks sales are ubiquitous. If you have not previously considered kiosks for ticket sales, some benefits include:


  1. Fast secure purchase and entry for patrons.
  2. User friendly.
  3. Can function as collection only or pay and collection.
  4. Seat selection option available on kiosk.
  5. 24/7 availability for ticket purchase.


In addition, kiosks such as Ticketsolve's are completely integrated. This means you get a full set of data whether purchases are kiosk based, online or at the physical box office.


Do you currently have kiosks sales? Are you interested in learning more about kiosks?


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