Case Study
Nevill Holt Opera

Nevill Holt Opera Building on Integrations

Award-winning Festival, Nevill Holt Opera had many different systems in place making it very difficult for them to manage their customers as they had databases in each different system and none of the systems were talking to each other. Sound familiar?

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Joined Up Approach

  • One Source of Truth

    The aim was to bring together data for ticketing, membership, fundraising and stakeholder engagement in a single customer view so that their team could implement data-driven decision-making to inform their future practices and strategies.

  • Their results are proven!

    So far the move to Ticketsolve has been very successful for them, seeing over 5,000 tickets sold within the first months of sale for their 2022 festival with the majority of the festival already over 70% capacity.

  • Find out more and Grab your copy

    For more about their learnings and the steps which their team implemented for this year’s festival, make sure you read the full case study. We would like to thank the entire team, especially Annie and Mary for their help in documenting their journey!

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