Introducing E-Tickets and 2D Scanners at Jameson International Film Festival

This week, we are looking at Ticketsolve’s partnership with Jameson International Film Festival and their introduction of E-Tickets and 2D Scanners at this year’s festival. A big thank you to Kamil Chechlacz for his guest spot in this week’s blog. 

This year, we are not only improving the site but also the whole ticketing experience and we are working together with Ticketsolve – our ticketing partners.

Once the tickets go on sale on the 25th of February at 7.30pm, you will be able to use a new fulfilment option – the E-Ticket. Thanks to this new, additional option, you will no longer have to queue to collect tickets to your screenings. Now it is possible to print them off at home, or better still, download to your phone and get the barcode scanned directly of the screen. No hassle, fast and easy!

Yes, that’s right! We’ve made it easier for you to purchase tickets online, on the go – we have been working very hard to make the mobile experience on our website and the interaction with the website as seamless as possible – so you now have the Cinema in your Pocket.

We have been studying carefully how our audience interacts with the festival. In doing so, we have learned that not only are the online sales the busiest channel, the one where most people get up-to-date information about the festival programme, but we can also see a very interesting pattern in which mobile device use has increased drastically overall.

So naturally, we thought that our next move should not only be the improvement of the mobile site user experience, but also the ability to have your tickets delivered straight to your device. You can now print them yourselves, but of course not many of us carry printers around hence we ensured that our scanners can pick up the barcodes off your mobile device’s screen. This will save you time and minimize the carbon footprint!

Our ticketing partners – Ticketsolve worked closely with the scanning hardware provider in order to integrate scanning and ticketing features. The new scanning feature is a move forward from traditional one-direction scanning (scanning on paper), to two direction scanning.

This two direction scanning feature means that tickets can be scanned directly from mobile devices. Patrons no longer need to bring a printed copy of their ticket to shows. Stimare two-direction scanners are currently being used on large scale events and shows, such as music festivals and sporting events. Ticketsolve is bringing this two direction scanning of QR codes to all of its customers, allowing for faster and more secure entry into events, allowing for a smoother patron experience overall.

To sum up – we are introducing E-Tickets – so you can now buy tickets at and get them delivered to your email as a pdf. The barcode will be scanned from your print-out, or directly from a mobile device to save you time.

You will undoubtedly hear a lot of friendly beeping from our scanners at the entrance to the festival screenings. Be sure to say hello to all of our lovely volunteers, who will be tirelessly pressing those scan buttons for you.

See you all at the festival.

Top Tips For Running your Arts Festival Smoothly

Toby Smith, director of the Aegas Arts Festival did a fantastic list in the Guardian Culture Pro about his 5 Tips for Running an Arts Festival Smoothly.

Mr. Smith’s list focused on being bold and brave with the programming, accepting the weather, preparing for crazy, teamwork and being passionate about what you do.

I love this list for running arts festivals. And since we work with a number of arts festivals in the UK and Ireland, we thought we might add to the list, and give you more top tips for running your arts festival smoothly.

Let technology help not hinder

Technology can really help in every aspect of your arts festival. For example, with online ticket sales, your technology should be able to support discounts, memberships and cross selling, donations, multiple venues and shows. With the right ticketing software, you can support kiosk sales as well as mobile scanning at your event. Embracing technology as a tool will certainly help increase your sales and boost patron loyalty.

Great support network

For an arts festival (well any festival, event, show), great teamwork is absolutely key. As is the support network around that team. Surrounding yourself with the best people, best tools and best support team, will help you (most of the time) create a flawless festival.

Embrace the unexpected

This goes with out saying. If it isn’t the weather, it might be poor ticket sales, or an artist no-show or a problem with a venue – or all of the above. Embrace the unexpected and seriously – you will never be surprised!


Communication. Sometimes I crave less communication (like when I purposely leave my mobile phone at home). For festivals, good communication, or rather targeted/good communication is critical. Again, technology can be a critical tool here. For example, arts festivals who use Ticketsolve have access to a powerful integrated email marketing tool. This tool, Mailchimp, can help you easily communicate with your audiences.

Go to festivals – not just arts festivals

I know you’re saying who has the bloody time for festivals! There is a huge difference between networking with people attending festivals, and attending those self same festivals as the average Joe. Maybe you go to loads of arts festivals already? Maybe you feel a bit jaded? Try one father afield for some fresh inspiration or a completely new type of festival.


What I have always loved about the arts and festival industry is the spirit of community. People are always willing to share their insights, of what has worked for them and what hasn’t. I think we need to be even more unafraid of this – ultimately it will benefit the entire arts community.

What has worked for you in creating your arts festival? Share your thoughts here!

Don’t Have a Box-Office? Don’t Worry.

Not long ago, Fleishman Hillard approached us with a question. Could we create and manage a one-off box office for a client event. The event in question was the 2014, Cadbury Easter Egg Trail in Merrion Park, Dublin in aid of Barnardos.

The Brief

The brief was straightforward, working with Cadbury’s Ireland, Fleishman Hillard PR and Barnardos, provide a full service box office and manage it for this special Easter event.

What did we do?

That there was no established box-office did not matter, because Ticketsolve is cloud-based. We provided a reliable, full service ticketing box-office for the event. That meant, Ticketsolve provided full online ticketing, support and reporting.


Tickets were only sold online or via walk ups the day of the event. In addition all online tickets were print at home. Ticketsolve needed to design print at home tickets for the event, as well as create an online sales site using Cadbury’s UK design elements.

Go Live

Once we went live with the site, Ticketsolve ran the entire box-office and backend for the event. This included dealing with any customer queries or issues.


Cadbury’s Ireland, Fleishman Hillard PR and Barnardos were all interested in sales data. Ticketsolve allows for an unlimited number of users and can be accessed from anywhere, which meant, all three organisations were able to get up to the minute sales data on the event

On the Day of the Event

The event took place on the beautiful grounds of Merrion Square Park. As it was an outdoor event, Ticketsolve provided mobile scanning (from any mobile device) for ticket validation.

In the end 3,000 people attended the event with all ticket sales going directly to Barnardos.

Fleishman Hillard, Cadbury’s and Barnardos were thrilled with the event.

“Working with Ticketsolve was a pleasure. They ensured the ticketing of the event ran smoothly. Since the system is Internet-based, we had access to the sales information 24/7. Really made the management of the box-office easy. And their customer service in the lead up to the event and on the day itself, was second to none”

– Frank Phelan, Corporate Fundraising Executive, Barnardos, Ireland

Video clip from the event . . .

It was a brilliant event and a great cause – we are very proud to have participated in our own way!

Have an event or festival, but don’t have a box office? We can help – call us!

Want to Know How to Run a 10,000+ Attendee Event? (Hint: Get Ticketsolve)

The world recently celebrated New Year’s 2014. We here at Ticketsolve had a cracker of night working with 3NYE Countdown Concert (you can see the video of the event here).

For three years, Ticketsolve has worked with Davis Events – 3NYE Dublin – the main New Year’s event in Dublin- as the ticketing partner for online and onsite ticket sales for the Countdown Concert. Each year, NYE Dublin puts on a huge programme of events catering for all ages, culminating in a Countdown Concert for over 10,000 people featuring Irish and International acts eg The Strypes, MKS and Madness.

It was a massive undertaking, where Ticketsolve provided complete onsite box office sales and access control to the event through our latest innovation: mobile scanning.

An Epic Street Festival in Dublin

The festival Countdown Concert site covered approximately 2km, with three access points into the outdoor festival grounds. This meant, we needed to provide 3NYE with the ability to scan tickets from three locations simultaneously.

Event Controllers

Ticketsolve worked directly with Davis Events to understand exactly what they needed for online ticketing and onsite ticket sales and ticket scanning on the night. This ensured
smooth entry for event goers and fewer problems for the staff scanning tickets on the night.

Hand Held Scanners

Large outdoor events like this with multiple entry points, means hand held scanners were a must for tickets. Ticketsolve’s newest feature can be installed quickly onto any hand
held device, turning a smart phone into a scanner in minutes. Training the Ticketsolve 28 person team responsible for scanning tickets took about 20 minutes. Training included
how to deal with print at home tickets, hard printed tickets (issued from the onsite box office), as well as how to deal with ticket queries or issues. The scanning team were
spread across three access points and were outfitted with numbered event bibs.


Communication and Reporting

An event of this size must have good communication between those on the ground, and management. The advantage of Ticketsolve mobile scanning, is that all scanning data is
uploaded to the Ticketsolve system and centralised. This allows updated reports to be generated every 20/30 minutes. Ticketsolve’s reporting is fully integrated and provides 24/7 access to data as and when needed. A variety of reports can be generated from Ticketsolve, and can be segmented as needed.


Onsite Box Office

3NYE Dublin Countdown Concert like many others, have a large percent of “on the night” sales. An onsite box office was set up to deal with “on the night” sales.

Ticketsolve supplied eight trained people to operate the Ticketsolve box office system that operated on the night. These staff were responsible for all onsite ticket sales including mobile kiosk, chip n pin, quick sales, and cash.

From a technology point of view we needed to organise Wifi across the site for box office sales and mobile scanning. Contingencies were also set up in case of Wifi failure, which ensured that even if the Wifi went down, the box office could still make sales and the scanners would still be able to locally scan.

Paul Davis of 3NYE Dublin had this to say, “NYE Dublin is always a big event, but this year, it was going to be even bigger. Since we began working with Ticketsolve three years ago, they have never failed to deliver.

I knew Ticketsolve were the right choice. They have the know-how, innovation and understand what we need to do. Everything went smoothly on the night and the mobile scanning was flawless. We are looking forward to continue working with Ticketsolve.”

We hope you have recovered. We certainly have.

Need Ticketsolve innovation for your next big event? Give us a call, +353 1 4100647.