Ticketsolve Usergroups Update

This week we have been touring Ireland with the Ticketsolve usergroups. It has been a fantastic trip so far, beautiful weather, amazing venues and of course a great community of Ticketsolve users coming out! We wanted to give you an update on the usergroups so far.

In Cork, Galway, Dublin and today Armagh, we met up with the Ticketsolve community and discussed the new changes at Ticketsolve happening now, changes that are upcoming, and as always, tips and tricks for using Ticketsolve.

New Innovations

There is a lot of new stuff going on at Ticketsolve at the moment. The usergroups got a review from Arne about the responsive design and new website design elements for customers. In addition, we took a look at the new kisok sales functionality and the mobile scanning.

New Innovations to Look Out For

The Ticketsolve customer community also got a taste of the new auto reporting feature and seating plan layout that is upcoming. In addition, we took everyone through infrastructure updates and a support tools summary.

Tips and Tricks

We also took customers through some tips and tricks you can use within Ticketsolve, and also looked more in depth at discounts, memberships and reporting.

It has been a great tour! We hope everyone benefited from joining us over these last few days. Many thanks to everyone that attended – we missed those of you who could not make it!

And a great big thank you to the venues that hosted us: An Taibhdhearc (Galway), Smock Alley (Dublin), Everyman (Cork) and Market Place Theatre (Armagh). You were fantastic hosts with beautiful venues!

UK Ticketsolve Usergroup

So Ticketsolve went on tour recently. You may have been “lucky enough” to catch the crew in the UK where we hosted user days in Wales, London and North West England.

We rolled out the user days in a new format this time, shorter and more informal and with smaller groups.

Overall I think the new format was great in that it was much more personal, and gave everybody a voice during the feedback sessions.

It was also great to sit in on the feedback sessions, so we could answer questions very quickly – I think this worked really well. We were able to address all the issues (bar 1) within a week or so of the user days.

We also got support updates and view into where support is heading. And we had some fantastic bite-sized workshops focused on some specific how-tos, such as reporting on mobile sales, top customers, cross genre bookers, bundle discounts, 3 for 2 discounts, and bulk discounts.

Personally I think the upcoming features presentation was the best one (hint: I gave that presentation).

Looking forward to seeing you all at the next user day events!

Also, if you attended, let us know how you felt the user days went – we love feedback!

If you could not attend, but are interested in the content (especially those very useful workshops), drop us a line at and we can pass on the presentations and video demos.

London Calling – Ticketsolve’s User Group Session

On the 4th of October, we gathered our UK theatre and venue clients at the wonderful Leicester Square Theatre for a lively discussion on all things ticketing. The day was an opportunity for TicketSolve users to give us feedback on the system, and to tell us exactly what is on their wish list. In return, we were able to give customers a sneak peek into future developments, whilst sharing some tips on how to maximise TicketSolve’s potential to generate higher revenues.

The day began with the wonderful Erin Petracca of Kings Theatre facilitating a user feedback session. The discussion gave us some much appreciated observations about the system and provided an ideal platform for new and established users to share ideas on how to get the best out of our system. The suggestions and ideas that came out of the session gave us a better understanding of what improvements could and should be made.

Once the user-group session was finished, it was the turn of Sean to tell us about future developments from TicketSolve. One of the most exciting – and most anticipated – developments is the Facebook connect plug-in. In addition to deeper social media integration, Sean discussed TicketSolve’s infrastructure investments, performance improvements and added extras to the functionality.

All in all the group session was a great success which demonstrated, once again, that there is lots of enthusiasm for TicketSolve’s future developments. There are some exciting months ahead, so watch this space!

We would like to say a huge a thank you to all our customers who were able to attend – your participation is vital. We look forward to hosting all our customers again for another user group in the new year, not only in the UK, but also in Ireland. And, last but not least, a big thank you to Erin for getting the email addresses and contact details for the feedback forum. This will be a great way for users to keep the discussion going and help each other as needed.

If you have any feedback for us – whether you attended the user group or not – get in touch!