Why is a Cloud Based Box Office Better?

Thinking about a cloud-based box office for your venue, festival or event? Here are our top reasons why a cloud-based box office’s are better.


Because you can take advantage of economies of scale, there is no expensive outlay for hardware when using a cloud-based box office.

Zero Maintenance

Because you are not having to buy any extra hardware, you are also not responsive for having to maintain this hardware. You can focus on your business alone.

Better Functionality

Because you have great economies of scale with cloud-base box offices and ticketing software, you also get better functionality. For example, Ticketsolve has over 150 customers across the UK and Ireland. We develop functionality across a wide spectrum – allowing any of our customers to take advantage of as they develop and grow their business.

Continuous Upgrades

We’ll use Ticketsolve as an example here. We deliver upgrades constantly and consistently to all customers. How can we do this? Having our system be cloud-based means we can provide upgrades and improvements to our ticketing solution anytime.

Access Anytime

Cloud-based ticketing and box office software means that your system and data is accessible anytime 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can get to your information from any internet capable device.

Better Security and Compliance

While there has been some discussion about the merits of security over the cloud, it will always be better than what can be achieved in house.

Better Reilability

Again going back to economies of scale, cloud based ticketing software affords you less downtime – if any. This is extremely important when it comes to ticketing and box office sales.

What do you think? Hardware or Cloud?

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