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Ticketsolve isn’t just about ticketing – it’s a full-service solution that unites organisations on one platform.
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Administration Features

Ensuring everything’s running smoothly backstage.
  • Automated, flexible, convenient

    Rarely is everyday admin the most exciting part of the arts – but with Ticketsolve, it’s straightforward and flexible. Take complete control of those daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that keep your entire organisation running smoothly.

  • Interactive and intuitive

    Ticketsolve presents admin functions in handy interactive dashboards, ensuring everything you need is well within reach. Firstly, manage everything from your agents to your payments. Secondly, take care of your waiting lists and seating plans. Additionally, oversee your reporting and show properties. Finally, maintain control over your platform users and everything in between.

  • Breaking down barriers

    Initially, our goal with the New Ticketsolve focused on eliminating barriers for both you and your users, while subsequently making it easier to accomplish the tasks you need to do. Consequently, this core principle serves as the unifying element for all of our innovative admin features.

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Box Office Features

Sales, reporting, support and tickets – solved.

  • Complete control

    Although every aspect of Ticketsolve is essential for keeping the engine of your organisation running, the box office is especially vital. This is where your customers interact with you the most. We’ve made sure that the New Ticketsolve gives you more control over how your box office works for your team, and the experience that it gives your customers, than ever before.

  • Audience-first

    Firstly, with regard to pricing and payment options, allow users to purchase in the manner they prefer. Additionally, make their user journey as engaging as possible by implementing responsive designs and offering customizable seating plans, tickets, and page layouts. Ultimately, aim to eliminate all barriers in order to fill seats with enthusiastic attendees.

  • Powerful reporting

    As for behind the scenes? Well, you’ll have access to powerful reporting, automation and management tools both online and behind the box office desk. 

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CRM Features

Put customer relationships front and centre.

  • Customer-focused

    Relationships are so essential in the arts and culture sectors – keeping people engaged, making patrons feel involved, keeping audiences coming back and booking time and time again. The New Ticketsolve puts the emphasis on these customer relationships with integrated CRM tools.

  • Fully integrated

    Everything can stay in one place, letting you see a complete view of a user’s history with you. Assign customers to different segments and categories, and run multi-channel campaigns accordingly – all from the same platform.

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Fundraising Features

Maximise your donations, patrons and memberships.

  • Flexible fundraising

    The arts rely heavily on the generosity and support of patrons and audiences. Consequently, the New Ticketsolve features powerful fundraising tools for taking donations, simultaneously encouraging people to come back and donate again. Furthermore, it provides comprehensive reporting on the success of your fundraising efforts.

  • A comprehensive platform

    Whether you want to offer special deals and loyalty schemes, stay in contact with your highest donors, target your fundraising campaigns more carefully, or just show the ROI for your marketing, you can do it all from Ticketsolve.

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Marketing Features

Reach your audience, wherever they are.

  • Plan, optimize, report

    The New Ticketsolve, developed over 15 years, is absolutely packed with a full suite of marketing tools and functions. Firstly, you can segment your audiences to better target your message. Then, plan and manage targeted multi-channel campaigns for optimal engagement. Additionally, maximise your ROI through effective marketing strategies. Finally, accurately report on a job well done and celebrate your successes.

  • Go further with your marketing

    Merchandise, memberships, donations, dynamic pricing and much more are also easy to implement and manage – dive into the full list of tools to learn more.

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Integrations Features

Integrations expertly developed with efficiency in mind.

  • A collaborative approach

    The arts inherently foster a collaborative community of people working together to create something amazing – and as a result, we quickly recognized that in order to make Ticketsolve a true industry leader, we would need to embrace the same spirit of collaboration. Consequently, a crucial aspect of our platform has consistently revolved around ensuring ease of set up and use.

  • Take Ticketsolve further

    Make the most of analytics, audience research, email, and social marketing, and so much more with Ticketsolve. If you don’t see something you need, Ticketsolve integrates fully with Zapier opening up the possibilities of hundreds more connections and interactions. And if you’re still not sure, our support team will be on hand to help. 

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