Responsive design

More and more customers are using their mobiles to book tickets. That’s why we have designed our front end from the bottom up to take advantage of this trend. The Ticketsolve front end is fully responsive allowing your customers to book on whatever device they want. The average conversion rate is around 1.5%, but our customers are seeing their conversions soar to over 6%.

Venue Cumru Responsive Trans.png

Audience development

Getting to know your audiences is one of the most important aspects which any arts organisation face. With our in-depth reporting and analytical tools, not only will you be able to know who your customers are, but you will do this quicker and more effectively. You can then start tailoring your communications and campaigns with each segment so that you can get the most out of your correspondents with them.

Return on investment reporting

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see exactly how successful each of your campaigns are?? Well, we can give you all of that information. If you use Facebook adverts, Google Adwords, Mailchimp. We can tie each campaign back to how many tickets have been sold from it. We can do that with brochures and mail outs as well so gone are the days of guessing if my campaign is working, we can tell you if it is.


Short on time and resources? Let Ticketsolve do the hard work for you. Our full integration with Mailchimp allows you to run automated emails depending on how your customers interact with you. Send a kind note to all lapsed customers who haven't attended an event in over a year. Follow up with exciting news and events. That is just a little snippet as to how you can use our Mailchimp integration.