Top 10 Tips for Marketing Your Show on a Budget

Here are some of our crazy (and no so crazy) ideas for marketing a show (or lots of shows) on a budget.

1. Create a Youtube channel and fill it with trailers from your show. There are some excellent video editing apps that can create videos from stills, posters and websites.

2. You have a Facebook page right? Of course you do! Facebook is a great place for promos, refer a friend offers, giveaways and coupons (give us a call to see how Ticketsolve’s Facebook integration can help you do this).

3. Food and drink tie ins. How about a Ticket and Tapas night? Food and drink offers are a great way to giveyour patrons a “complete” experience.

4. Last minute tickets (typically students) are a great way to get butts in seats. You probably already do senior and group discounts, but what about military discounts? Or special offers for local clubs?

5. Are your audiences massively loyal? Get them to market for you – create a flash mob campaign, with the express aim to promote your venue.

6. Nudity. We’re kidding, you’re still reading our right? No really though. Mobile marketing opportunities abound. Local and regional “what’s on” apps are a great way to get exposure to new audiences.

7. Want to encourage more audience interaction? How about creating tweet seats, or set aside closing night as audience interaction night (a la the Globe back in the day – let ’em boo, cheer and be rowdy).

8. Donations night. For each ticket sold, a portion (opt in of course) can be donated to the venue. It is best to be specific and explain what the donation will be used for, e.g., create a whole campaign around this donation night.

9. Meet the actors, with a backstage tour. Offering special ticket packages can be a great way to encourage patronage.

10. Be active and engage – twitter, Pintrest, Instagram, Facebook . . .are your new bffs. But you have to engage your audience and be engaging.

Have some great ideas for marketing shows? Share them here with the Ticketsolve community!

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