How to Use Facebook’s “Lookalike” Audiences

I was having a look around to see what new (or old) ideas pop up for Facebook marketing, and saw this article from Sold Out Run, that discussed the use of lookalike audiences within Facebook to reach new audiences.

The idea is that, Facebook is great for marketing and advertising your shows or events, but you can end up talking to the same captive audience that has bought from you before. Facebook allows you to extend your reach by creating “lookalike” audiences. That is, audiences that look like ones you are after.

For example, say you want to advertise a new comedy club event. Using Facebook’s lookalike feature, you could upload your existing data of previous comedy club event ticket buyers (email address is sufficient). Facebook can then generate a “lookalike” audience that has not previously bought comedy club tickets from you, but has some of the same characteristics as those that have bought tickets. You can then created a targeted Facebook ad campaign for that lookalike audience.

A little 1984ish I’ll grant you, but this is a great way to extend your reach. Keep in mind you don’t get the lookalike emails, you only get to create an ad that targets them. I’ll admit it might be hit or miss, but might be worth a small budget and trial to see if it works.

The critical piece here is that you have to capture the correct data, and that can easily upload that data in to Facebook to create your lookalike audience.

You could trial a lookalike audience with Ticketsolve data. Ticketsolve collects valuable customer data and buying information. Below is a step-by-step you can use to create a .csv file that you can upload into Facebook to create a lookalike audience.

  1. Create a line item facts view report in your reports.
  2.  Use  “events of category” filter to select a whole category, or “saw shows” to select a specific show, then save the report.
  3. Go to the downloads tab, click the customers option and then click the select “none” option.
  4. From the contact folder select first name, last name and email.
  5. Click the download button.

Have you tried the Facebook lookalike audience feature? How did it work for you?

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