We Have Come a Long Way

Ticketsolve’s story started back in 2007. Back then, we were a small company working in agile technologies, with the firm belief that strong customer collaboration was the key to software being a positive disruptive change to traditional box office technology.

When we began our work with Audi Dublin International Film Festival and Anna Llvia Opera it was clear that the arts industry faced a myriad of challenges. It was through these early customer collaborations that we could clearly see that Ticketsolve could help arts organisations achieve their goals for audience development, improved marketing and revenue generation.

From those nascent days until now, we have grown to over 250 Ticketsolve customers and 20 staff members. More importantly, we have continued to develop and grow the technology that supports our growing community of users.

We have learned a lot along the way too, a lot about who we are (and who we’re not), and how we have changed.

Eleven years on, we came to see that while we as a company have evolved, one thing that had not was our branding.

So it is time for another evolution – this time for our brand. We’d like to share with you where we’ve been, where we are, and where (very soon) we’ll be heading with our Ticketsolve brand.

The Beginning

Being a new entrant into the market, we wanted to make sure it was ABSOLUTELY clear we were a ticketing and box office brand 🙂

Back then, we needed to make very clear that the advantage of Ticketsolve was all about giving control back to organisations. “Ticketing In Your Hands” was meant to convey that arts organisations could have a professional online ticketing and box office easily and without a massive overhead or budget.

Cloud computing and Software as a Service was still in its very early days, so we needed the logo to quickly communicate a sense of reliability and growth. Either that or we read somewhere that blue and green were meant to symbolise security and stability.

The Now

In 2009 we introduced our current branding, which was a major departure from the original. We wanted something a little more vibrant, modern and fun. Enter Louis.

When Louis came on board, we were well established in the UK and Ireland and fast growing. We still wanted to keep the “ticket” as central part of our logo, but wanted something more dynamic – hence the two tone colour.

The pink colour was a nod to a more modern colouring, with Louis bringing some personality to the brand.

Adding Louis felt like a natural step as we became more and more focused on getting beyond ticketing.

We have loved this branding, and especially Louis 🙂

So what does the future hold for the Ticketsolve brand?

The Future

This is a big change, but much needed.

The idea behind our new branding is to reflect a side of Ticketsolve that has always been there, but is time we brought to the fore.

As we thrive on feedback at Ticketsolve, one thing that we hear over and over again is that we are consummate problem solvers – which we love. We wanted to take that idea and visualise it. Hence the “Puzzle T” in our logo.  

The puzzle pieces represent the challenges and problems arts organisations face everyday. Ticketsolve helps to solve these challenges by bringing the pieces needed to “solve the puzzle” and overcome challenges. The simple, geometric shapes represent the individual features (puzzle pieces), such as the box-office, CRM, marketing and fundraising features, which help to create Ticketsolve’s complete box office and marketing platform.

The logo is collaborative, going beyond the box office.

Why We Decided to Make This Change

Ticketsolve has evolved so much as a product & service over the years, we are truly more than just a ticketing platform. We really wanted new branding that would capture that essence but still retain the very human and helpful approach we have always had.

The branding needed to feel very much like Ticketsolve, but a Ticketsolve that is looking into the future.

We really hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

When Will You See The Final Branding?

We are in the middle of building our brand new website and we want this to include the new brand and reinforce our mission and message. We hope that this will be done by mid-March time and we cannot wait for you to see it.

In the next few weeks, we’ll share our process and give you more insight into the thinking behind the new Ticketsolve brand.