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Liverpool's Royal Court

Maximising Revenue at Liverpool’s Royal Court

Learn how they maximised their revenue streams to ensure their positioning as one of the leading production houses in the UK. With a trip to The Court always a night of great entertainment, it’s no wonder that the team wants to offer audience members the best possible experience at each attendance. Our case study takes you through how they took their offering to the next level.

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How do they Maximise Revenue?

  • Up-selling – Learn more about how they increased upselling through meals, programmes, offering extras, and upgrades all through Ticketsolve. 
  • Donations-  Read for more about how inside charges set up through Ticketsolve generated over £1 million for the theatre. 
  • Influencing customer behaviour – Their team influenced audience behaviour by encouraging attendees to arrive at the theatre early which led to an influx of people arriving for their pre-show drink. 
  • Dynamic pricing – Rewarding good behaviour and creating a sense of excitement right from the beginning of tickets going onsale. They demonstrate that it is essential to know and understand your audience when implementing any changes to pricing.
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We’ve noticed a tendency for customers to spend more if they arrive earlier to Liverpool’s Royal Court. A lot of our audience members pre-purchase their meal with their ticket weeks in advance so they feel as if they haven’t spent anything on the night. This usually means they are more willing to spend at the bar until doors open and during the interval too.
Iain Christie – Marketing Manager – Liverpool’s Royal Court
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