Case Study – Regent Ipswich & Corn Exchange Theatres

Discover how Regent Ipswich and Corn Exchange Theatres, two leading entertainment venues in the region, faced dramatic change and leveraged the power of technology and people to create operational efficiencies across multiple venues. In this Ticketso

The Challenge

The arts, culture, and heritage industry was deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Regent Ipswich and Corn Exchange Theatres faced an almost complete rethinking of certain aspects of their operations. The closure of their box office due to budgetary constraints, staff redundancies, and economic instability left them with fewer resources, increased uncertainty, and a loss of expertise.

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Tackling the Challenges with Core Values as the Guide

Regent Ipswich and Corn Exchange Theatres used their core values to guide them in addressing the challenges they faced. They asked themselves critical questions, such as how to maintain an engaging and valuable experience for customers, ensure the venue remains inclusive and accessible, manage expectations and customer satisfaction, get feedback without burdening customers, and energize staff amid burnout and fatigue.

Embracing Change and Harnessing Technology:

By embracing change and harnessing the power of technology, Regent Ipswich and Corn Exchange Theatres were able to create operational efficiencies across their venues. They focused on:

  1. Adapting to a closed box office and minimal face-to-face services while maintaining a valuable experience for their customers.
  2. Ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all audiences, even with limited face-to-face engagement.
  3. Managing customer expectations and satisfaction through innovative solutions.
  4. Collecting feedback in a way that is not burdensome for customers.
  5. Energizing and supporting staff in tackling challenges with positive energy.
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Regent Ipswich and Corn Exchange Theatres showcase the resilience and adaptability of arts and culture organizations when faced with unprecedented challenges. By embracing change, leveraging technology, and staying true to their core values, they continue to thrive and serve their diverse audiences with excellence. Explore this inspiring case study to learn more about their journey and how your organization can adapt and thrive amid change.

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