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A Ticketsolve Guide The Art of Segmentation

By building a customer model tailored to your organisation, you can focus your marketing strategies on the desires and motivations of your diverse audience tribes. A powerful tool, ensuring that audiences receive the most relevant information in meaningful ways.

Our guide breaks down the most popular models, helping your team find the best practice that fits your needs.

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What We Cover In the Guide

  • The importance of segmentation and how it can help your organisation 
  • The most popular models with the sector
  • Step by step guide on implementing your desired segmentation model
  • How to use these insights to inform your marketing and communications strategy
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Segmentation can be a hugely powerful tool if used correctly. It’s vitally important that you pick the correct model that works for you and your organisation. If you get that right, the benefits could be huge and it’ll allow you to be very targeted in all our your marketing campaigns.
Nick Stevenson – Head of Customer Success – Ticketsolve
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