Giving You the Tools to RECHARGE Your 2023

The focus of Ticketsolve’s 2023 annual forum revolved around taking a moment and offering everyone the opportunity to RECHARGE. Consequently, the event emphasised the importance of recharging in order to enhance productivity and success.

Taking place in London and Dublin during February and March, RECHARGE brought together industry experts and professionals for a series of presentations and interactive sessions. Consequently, these sessions were focused on assembling the right recipes for setting organisations up for success.

To give everyone the opportunity to take a moment and RECHARGE ready for the year ahead, whether you attended on the day or not, we have created a collection of materials from the forums for you to explore. You can access full recordings of key sessions from RECHARGE London, and resources and downloads from sessions at both London and Dublin.


Click below to watch the sessions from the day.

Just because you weren’t there on the day doesn’t mean you can’t RECHARGE too!

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    Website Accessibility with Catherine Turner
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    Google Analytics 4 with Chris Unitt
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    Automated Reports with Chris Kerr
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    Redesigning the Ticketsolve Help Centre with Natalie Watson
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    Going Eco-friendly with Emma Young
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    The Arts & Culture Collective with Lucy Costelloe
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    Ipswich Theatres Case Study with Peter Ling

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    Nick and Sergi take us through what’s coming down the tracks for Ticketsolve

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    Thank you from Paul Fadden
  • Website Accessibility Whitepaper with Catherine Turner

    Catherine has teamed up with us to develop a whitepaper aimed at demystifying web accessibility. As a result, this whitepaper acts as a practical guide that you and your team can employ to create a more inclusive experience for your audience. Furthermore, incorporating these accessibility principles will ensure a broader reach and improved user satisfaction.

    Demystify Web Accessibility

    Making Your Venue Greener

    Ticketsolve’s case study with Lime Tree Theatre also looks at how the team explored their practices and processes and identified changes towards a greener future.

    Explore The Case Study

    Safe to Create

    In order to promote Dignity at Work, Safe to Create, which is managed by the Irish Theatre Institute, serves as a valuable resource for the Irish arts and creative sectors. On the Safe to Create website you can find resources such as toolkits and trust statements, as well as training programmes developed for the sector.

    Safe to Create website

    Arts Professional Partner Pod with Ticketsolve: Surviving Permacrisis

    Connect with the Arts Professional Partner Pod, recorded live on stage at RECHARGE London. Host Robin Cantrill-Fenwick of Baker Richards is joined by panellists Iain Christie from Liverpool’s Royal Court, Penny Hansen from The Cresset in Peterborough, and Katie Moffat from Substrakt to discuss three big questions.

    Listen to the Podcast

    Legitimate Interest with Theatre Forum

    Take a look at the slides and resources provided by Theatre Forum, which guide you through the process of utilizing legitimate interest for marketing permissions. Additionally, these materials can help enhance your understanding and implementation of this approach.

    How to Approach Using Legitimate Interest

    RECHARGE Powerpack by the Digital Culture Network

    Discover our RECHARGE Powerpack, brimming with webinars, articles, newsletters, and more to energize your day! Moreover, this bundle of tech gems is brought to you by our partners at the Digital Culture Network. They specialize in offering practical assistance to organizations and individuals, with a strong emphasis on digital skills and leadership development.