Lime Tree Theatre

Lime Tree Theatre Celebrations, Anniversaries & Positive Impact

Lime Tree Theatre commemorated its 10th anniversary by thoroughly examining its existing practices and processes, identifying crucial changes aimed at fostering a more sustainable future. This eco-friendly transformation will not only benefit the renowned theatre but also its affiliated cultural center, Belltable Arts Hub.

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Lime Tree Theatre

A greener, sustainable brochure launch

  • Embracing the Green Arts Initiative

    Their team implemented organisation-wide changes to create a positive impact and highlight the theatre’s awareness of the climate crisis. Communicating this carefully & positively to their audiences, they haven’t looked back since.

  • Using Data Insights to Make Informed Changes

    The team knew the changes they were making were drastic but timely. They used data as a tool for monitoring any negative consequences of implementing these changes. Unsurprisingly, their climate-conscious changes had none.

  • Sharing their Key Considerations

    From the first steps to the implementing the bigger changes, their team share their learnings, findings and understandings of what it takes to not only generate awareness on issues addressing the climate but to take important steps forward.

Download the Whitepaper

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