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You make the move, we make it easy

Moving to a new box office system can seem daunting. But there's no hassle when you move to Ticketsolve. It's smooth, painless, easy, and we'll have you up and running quickly.

Before Migration

We'll show you the ropes

We want you to get the most out of Ticketsolve. That’s why before you go live we’ll come to, and provide comprehensive training to your whole team. We’ll also tailor your training plan to suit your teams’ needs, so everyone’s up to speed from day one. 


Better web design & integration

Your customers want an online experience that’s easy to use. In fact, they demand it. It’s not just better for them, but it’s better for you because it means increased conversion rates and happier customers. 


Your data moves with you

When you make the move you want your data to move with you. We make sure it’s seamless so you can hit the ground running. There’s hardly any downtime either, so you’ll be able to keep selling tickets right up until midnight before your Go-Live date.

"Ticketsolve has changed everything in our organisation. We’re now able to get a much better understanding of who our audiences are, where they’re coming, it links in with Google Analytics and Mailchimp, we’re able to know in real-time who’s coming to our events and how we can target them in the future - it’s been really positive and so simple to use and everyone in the office loves it."

Jamie Jenkin

Royal Court Liverpool

After Migration

We go one better

Once you go live with Ticketsolve our support team will be on hand to help you get the most out of the system. And we’ll continue to work with you to reevaluate your ever-changing goals and put plans in place so you achieve them.


Our industry knowledge is now yours

With over 295 customers - from rural venues to world-famous theatres, international festivals to art centers - we’ve a wealth of diverse industry knowledge. It means you can set realistic expectations. And, should you feel you’re falling short, we’ve the insights and best practice to help you reach your goals.


Benefit from the Ticketsolve community

As part of the wider Ticketsolve community you enjoy access to our webinars and user groups - benefitting from the experiences of fellow professionals in your industry.

Become part of our story

We're ready when you are. Find out how we can help your arts organisation soar.

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