Welcome Seosamh Cahill

The Ticketsolve development team is still growing! We are delighted to welcome Seosamh (pronounced “show-s-of”) to the team!

Seosamh brings excellent ruby/rails app experience to Ticketsolve, having begun his computer science interest with writing SGML and doing some basic VB scripting at sixteen. Seosamh is not only a professional accountant, but also holds an MA in English from Trinity College Dublin.

Seosamh is also a keen musician having written and released five albums with his band Crete Boom.

Feel free to pop Seosamh an email to say hello!

Ticketsolve is Growing: Welcome Scott!

Customer service is at the heart of Ticketsolve. From initial set up and training, ongoing help with specific queries, and training where necessary on new features, our support team is at the centre of it all. 

Because support is such a critical part of our business – and importantly for our customer community – finding a real depth of customer support experience is crucial for our team. That is why we are so pleased to welcome our latest Ticketsolver, Scott to Ticketsolve.

Scott has over 10 years of experience in customer support and management in retail, banking and ticketing. Most recently, Scott was working with as their Ticketing Operations Manager. Through his work he was involved with the day to day operation of  the ticketing department at During his time at, Scott was very involved with the editorial and marketing departments, working closely with clients. In addition, he was responsible for reporting, and management of the ticketing pages. This work gives him a deep understanding of promotion, and execution of sales and marketing programmes for events through a variety of marketing channels, as well as a strong customer focus.

We are delighted to have Scott on board!

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Box Office

This week’s blog post comes courtesy of Philip Greene at Villa Gaiety.

A venue is most definitely the sum of its parts – marketing, techies, the guys holding the purse strings. But like any well oiled machine, there is the linchpin – the central nervous system of the venue: The box office. While there are a myriad of processes that go into the running of a venue, we’re going to look at the keystone – your box office and how to get the most out of it.

Develop a Clear, Tight Sales Process

Box offices come in many flavours. From temporary festival pop-up entry sales, to single person/point sales, right through to multi- site/multi personnel sales points. Whatever the box office type, consistency is the key. By developing a sales process which is efficient and easy for individuals and teams to follow, you allow you and your team time to deal with customers effectively. This translates to fewer lost sales or forgotten steps (e.g., entering a source code or asking if customer’s would like to receive email news updates), fewer mistakes and overall happier customers.

Involve your Team Early and Often

Often it is easy to compartmentalise – marketing does marketing, box office handles box office etc, especially when it is busy. However, when you get your team involved in other areas, for example, proofing brochures or show descriptions or providing customer feedback, this gives your team a great opportunity to give and get inspiration. Plus, working in this way makes your team members feel more involved, and provides them with knowledge about shows which can be passed on to customers.

In addition to this type of cross-functional work, consider getting your team together once a month, to go over any issues they are experiencing. This gives you a chance to communicate with the team about any upgrades/changes have been made, and show how these changes can positively impact their day-to-day work.

Don’t Give your Staff a Butter Knife

Imagine asking a chef to cut a carrot with a butter knife. Could she do it? Probably, but not only is it inefficient, it makes the chefs job that much harder, especially during a busy dinner service. Apply the same thinking to your box office staff. A screen that is too small, can work, but creates extra work for your staff as they have to move tabs around or scroll. Traditional phones work fine for phone sales, but headsets are far more efficient for data entry, note taking etc. A little investment, can lead to long term results in terms of efficiency and an overall happier team.

A Happy Customer is a Repeat Customer

This might be a no brainer, but it bears repeating – customer service is critical. It is especially critical that your box office staff is customer centric and customer service focused. After all, a happy customer is a repeat customer. For example, why not have your staff suggest local restaurants to visit when coming to see the show? Maybe family friendly places, for families booking tickets. Give your staff the freedom to go the extra mile for customers. Let them come up with ideas on how to deliver a great customer experience.

Communicate in a Variety of Ways

Communication is a necessary part of a successful box office. When you have a busy schedule, and are unable to speak to all of your team, there are user and show communication tools (e.g., user notices, settings/instruction) available. We encourage you and your team to use these to help boost and support your team communication.

Want to know more about boosting your box office? We can help, email us or call  . . . .

Welcome David! Our Newest Ticketsolver!

This week we’re saying a big hello and welcome to David Gavigan, our newest Ticketsolver. David joins us as a Business Development Executive. His main responsibility will be to work with new customers on onboarding, as well as working with current customers get the most from Ticketsolve.

We are extremely excited to have David come on board, as he brings a great set of customer support, sales and marketing skills to Ticketsolve. His box office, management and logistics experience comes from working with festivals such as Clonmel Junction Festival, as well as others.

David is also working towards an MSc. in Event Management, to add to his media and film studies background. In addition, David is the host of “In Conversation” a Film Ireland and Film Base supported podcast about film and film making.

Drop David a line to say hello! We know he is going to be a great addition to the Ticketsolve team, and bring a positive impact to the whole Ticketsolve community!

The Ticketsolvers Team is Growing: Welcome Nick!

We are super excited this week, because we are welcoming another great addition to the Ticketsolve team: Nick Stevenson!

Nick came to the arts world through a familiar story: starving student. During his student days, he was lucky enough to get a part time job at Carmarthenshire Theatres, which lead him to his passion for arts and the theatre industry. His part time work, went on to full time, where Nick has done every theatre job possible from cutting tickets to box office manager, marketing manager to programming coordinator and business development manager. Nick has even helped back stage (he only crossed to the dark side occasionally).

Nick went back to university earning a MSc in Leadership and Management. Most recently, Nick held the position of Senior Business, Marketing and Programme Coordinator for Carmarthenshire Theatres. In this role, Nick was instrumental in getting their new £15 million flagship venue, the Ffwrnes, to where it is today.

Nick’s thoughts on joining us? “I can’t wait to hit the ground running with Ticketsolve. I feel I know what venues want from every aspect of their box office system. My ambition is to get Ticketsolve to the market leader within the UK and Ireland, and possibly one day we could take over the world (cue evil villian laugh: mwahahahaha).”

As you can see, Nick is an arts guy through and through, we are delighted to have Nick bring his experience of marketing and venue and event management, to the Ticketsolve team.

You will likely get a call or visit from Nick shortly – and don’t forget to ask him to about Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. He is the only one on the Ticketsolvers team that can pronounce that Welsh place name – being a Welsh speaker we should expect that!

If you would like to say “croeso” or welcome Nick to the team please get in touch with him!