A Simple & Effective Changeover Process

Partner with Ticketsolve for a seamless transition to our visitor attraction management system. Our expert migration process from platforms like Altru, Galaxy, Blackbaud, and Tessitura simplifies the transition and our team is dedicated to helping you attain new heights and reach new goals.


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Fostering Value & Deriving Results 

Experience seamless visitor attraction operations with Ticketsolve. Our industry knowledge and automation features streamline processes, enhance the guest experience, and increase overall efficiency. Partner with us for not just improved ticketing but added benefits.

  • Sustainable Ticketing and Products

    Ticketsolve’s e-ticketing functionality is second to none. With all tickets optimised for mobiles, guests can easily access tickets, ensuring that your attraction can deliver a more sustainable and climate-conscious experience for guests through e-ticketing and digital vouchers.


  • Streamlining Processes and Manual Tasking

    Ticketsolve streamlines your team’s tasks, whether they’re complicated or simple, innovative or mundane. With dynamic pricing modules and bulk scheduling features, Ticketsolve automates the majority of administrative work, allowing your team to focus on the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks necessary for keeping your organization running smoothly.


  • Clever Upselling Opportunities

    Whether it’s souvenirs or high-priced products, Ticketsolve will ensure that additional revenue streams are presented in a way that’s enticing and meaningful for your guests.

  • Auto Reports Direct to your Inbox

    Keep everyone in the loop with powerful reporting tools that can be fully automated – just set it up how you want it, and all of your stakeholders will get the information they need, when they need it.

Elevate Your Customer Experience

With our cloud-based system, you and your team can access it anytime, anywhere. Plus, our deep data insights and responsive customer journey features will help increase conversions, sales, and accuracy.


  • Total Control–Access Anytime, Anywhere

    Ticketsolve is a cloud-based system ensuring that your team can access it anytime, anywhere. We know that your job isn’t Monday to Friday or 9 to 5!


  • Data Insights–Staying on Trend & in the Know

    Ticketsolve digs deep into your data so that you don’t have to. Get to know your customers, their trends and interests through our reporting suite.


  • An Enhanced & Responsive Customer Journey

    Ticketsolve provides a simple and effective customer journey ensuring that your visitor attraction experiences higher conversion rates, increased ancillary sales and more accurate data capture.


  • Retail & Merchandise – Increase Sales & Upsell with Ease

    With Ticketsolve, you can easily sell merchandise and other items that benefit your organization. In addition to tickets, our platform allows you to quickly cross-sell and upsell a variety of products, such as merchandise and concessions, directly to your customers.




Streamline Your Operations

Improve your efficiency and enhance your guest experience with Ticketsolve’s access control and integrations. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to help streamline your operations and make your visitor attraction run smoothly.


  • Putting Access Control into Your Own Hands

    With Ticketsolve, access control and crowd management become a breeze with advanced scanning functionality. With multiple scanning methods, including smartphone scanning, Ticketsolve allows for quick and efficient check-ins, group entries, and prevents duplicate ticket use.


  • More than Ticketing, A Unified Approach to Operations

    Partnering with Ticketsolve means gaining access to a range of industry-leading tools and apps through our integrations. From Mailchimp to Google Analytics and more, Ticketsolve offers a unified view of your attraction’s performance across all operating systems.


  • Expand Your Reach with Ticketsolve

    Our integration with Ingresso, the leading Global Distribution Network, means you can use Ticketsolve to sell tickets on loads of different platforms including Ticketmaster, Groupon, Travel Zoo, Tripadvisor, and many more.

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  • 24/7 Dedicated Customer Support

    Our support team is always available to help you tackle any challenges you may face. Whether you prefer live chat, email, or phone support, our team is dedicated to providing the assistance you need to ensure your visitor attraction thrives. And the best part? Our support is available at no extra cost to you.


  • Custom Campaign & Tracking

    Plans change, campaigns evolve. Stay flexible and agile in your marketing efforts with Ticketsolve’s custom campaigns. Rather than being tied to a specific campaign strategy at all times, you can get creative and experiment with different targeting, creative assets, and more. You’re in complete control.


  • The world of Email Automation

    Automated emails deliver information to your patrons right when they need it, in a way that’s efficient for you and your team. In other words, it will change the way you work by creating opportunities to engage with your audiences from whatever stage they are in their customer journey with your organisation.




Ticketsolve integration icons

Flexible Ticket Options & Timed Entry

Ticketsolve offers flexible ticket purchase options including allocated, unallocated, and best available seats across multiple time slots, including timed entry. Patrons can purchase tickets in advance for a specific time slot with a set number of places available. The Book of Kells is a great example of a timed entry event with up to 15 time slots per day, limited to 100 capacity due to COVID restrictions. Customers can pre-book their slots months in advance to ensure availability.


Selling Online Travel Agents

Ticketsolve’s integration with Ingresso, a leading Global Distribution Network, allows Portmagee Whiskey to distribute their live inventory to over 100 Online Travel Agents such as Trip Advisor, Groupon, and Travel Zoo. This seamless integration ensures that all sales made through the OTA’s are updated in real-time within the system, with no additional cost to Portmagee Whiskey as Ingresso is entirely free to use.


Innovative Scanning Solutions

Ticketsolve offers flexible hardware options for ticket scanners and printers, integrating with industry-leading brands like BOCA, Star, and Stimare. Clients can choose from multiple fulfilment options, including collecting tickets at the box office, home printing, or mobile e-tickets. Our e-ticketing is robust, seamless, and has been successfully implemented with large festivals like Dublin International Film Fest and Abergavenny Food Festival, where wristbands containing unique order IDs were used for efficient on-site scanning. Additionally, our brand new scanning app makes scanning even easier for customers.


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