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We’ve been on the road this month, as we travelled to 12 fantastic stops throughout the UK and Ireland for our in-person Workshops! We’ll still be out and about in October (we don’t sit still for long!) and are so excited to be attending the UK Theatre awards early next month 🤩

This Septembner at Ticketsolve

There’s nothing we love more than getting out and about and seeing the Ticketsolve community, hearing what everyone has been up to, and celebrating their successes 💛

Check out what we’ve been up to this month – alongside zipping around the UK and Ireland on our workshops – below!

A New Toolkit

For organisations who want to clean up their database, run campaigns that get results and make sure their audience is hearing from them when and how they want to, we present: our legitimate interest toolkit

🚀 Read our guest blog with Indigo Ltd’s Katy Raines, and discover templates and suggestions to get started:

🔎 Discover case studies from by Mermaid and  An Táin Arts Centres

📖 Discover our comprehensive guide for definitions, details and a deep dive


Discover the full toolkit here

The Ticketsolve Book Club

Check out this month’s reads

New Feature Launch

Our new and improved check in app went live this month! 📱

We’ve retained all the main features of our much-loved app, with a few exciting extras including product scanning, free scan mode, and enhanced customer tagging.

Find out more here

New on the blog

Download it here

This Month’s Podcast

Who better to give their hot takes on the subject of the future of arts and culture than the young people who will shape the sector in years to come? We spoke to three early-career performers, rising stars Chloe Wright, Lizzie Austin and Elias Prosser, about what lies ahead for the performing arts: challenges, worries – but also hopes. 

Listen here Check out our accompanying blog

We chatted to Tom Stickland, Senior Consultant at TRG Arts, exploring how arts and culture organisations can use data and metrics as the foundation for strategies that help build loyal audiences.

Tom explains the importance of identifying your organisation’s definition of success and aligning metrics to long-term goals like patron loyalty and revenue resilience and avoiding short-term targets.

Listen here Join the benchmark

This month, Indigo Ltd shared the results of their of their Act Green Survey, comprising 17,500 responses gathered by 86 organisations. The report shows exactly what audiences expect from cultural organisations with regards to tackling the climate crisis, and opens up a conversation about how venues can engage with visitors on the subject of their sustainability goals.

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