The Streamline Series
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A simple, effective and results-driven approach to planning for arts and cultural organisations.

The Streamline Series Helping you go further

Navigating uncertainty is not an easy process, but it has become a mandatory part of arts and cultural management. 

The Streamline Series is a tool that has been devised to support your team in gaining the understanding you need when making tough decisions under pressure. Whether it’s looking at increasing your memberships or setting audience frequency goals, this series will support you in shaping the bigger picture to drive results across your entire organisation.

Streamline Series - Box Office
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Navigating Uncertainty
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Informed Decision-Making
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Prioritising Effectively
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Actionable Insights
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Sector Focused
Registering is free and straightforward. We deliver actionable insights and easy-to-implement strategies every 2 weeks for 6 weeks.

With you every step of the way

We won’t just deliver a framework and send you on our way. The Streamline Series also offers you the option to avail of two hours working with our Success Team free of charge. Throughout each programme, you will have the option to discuss the plan with one of our experts. All you need to do is take part in our three-phase framework!

  • Results need to be realistic and achievable. The first phase looks at ensuring that this season is planned and monitored so that you hit your box office targets and more!

    Streamline Series - Planning & Strategy
  • Their support and custom keep your organisations afloat. Our next phase looks at how we can re-establish lost audience connections, rebuild audience loyalty and re-design our approach to audience relationships more meaningfully!

    Streamline Series - Audience Development
  • In times when rising costs are a harsh reality, our fundraising targets are steepening. With the pressure on your development teams, we believe that successful fundraising needs to be embedded within each member of your team!

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A Framework built for and by the arts!

We’ve worked with members of the Ticketsolve Community in devising this framework and have used insights from over 13 onsite, practical workshops to trial and test its results.

Get Started: Planning & Strategy

What’s the secret to planning for the unexpected? Ensuring that you have a tight grasp of what the drivers for results are for your organisation. We can’t predict the future, but we can monitor the impact of endeavours in real-time to make sure we’re heading in the right direction. Our first phase looks at setting important milestones and objectives for your organisation and measuring them through a set of strategised results.

Let’s talk strategy
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Get Started: Audience Development

Marketing to current and potential audiences is not a simple case of throwing mud to the wall until it sticks. As the communication preferences of our audiences have changed in a digitalised world, we now need to alter our marketing practices to send the right message not only at the right time but in a way that meets the expectations of our audiences. Phase two is about relationships—new, old and lapsed!

Engage your audience

Get Started: Fundraising & Donations

From a ticket levy to pay it forward and restoration appeals, fundraising is not something that is easily achieved overnight. Phase three looks at the most important considerations that are not just ‘nice to have’ but essential in ensuring the success of your development endeavours!

Develop your fundraising strategy
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A Streamline Success Story: Harlow Playhouse

Join Harlow Playhouse and more organisations as they navigate the contemporary challenges of the sector. Sign up for The Streamline Series, gain practical guidance, and actionable insights and set your organisation up for success. Take the first step and sign up for free below!