Ticketing Professionals Conference

Ticketsolve’s session at Ticketing Professionals Conference will focus on how automation can streamline day-to-day operations while building lasting relationships with customers.

Come find us in the exhibition hall, where we’ll be facilitating discussions, networking opportunities, and of course, enjoying plenty of teas and coffees. We’re excited to connect with fellow professionals in the art and culture sector and show them how Ticketsolve can help their organization succeed in 2023 and beyond.

See you there!

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Ticketsolve are hosting a session on Friday, 24th March at 10:10 am! Joined by Liverpool’s Royal Court, we’re exploring how your organisation can leverage automation in 2023 and beyond to increase revenue streams, optimise operations and streamline your processes.

The World of Email Automation

Automated emails deliver information to your patrons right when they need it, in a way that’s efficient for you and your team. In other words, it will change the way you work by creating opportunities to engage with your audiences from whatever stage they are in their customer journey with your organisation. Our whitepaper looks at triggers and workflows as well as provides you with lots of practical examples for implementing automation in your marketing campaigns. There are lots of simple and easy tricks to make automation a tool that will create fantastic outcomes from your marketing efforts.

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Kofi Ohene-Djan

Marketing Manager – Liverpool’s Royal Court

As a marketing manager for Liverpool’s Royal Court, Kofi is a determined and proactive marketing professional with over two decades of experience in the industry and he has worked across various sectors such as retail, recruitment, leisure, hospitality, travel, tourism, education, and entertainment. Kofi is passionate about building strong relationships with clients and colleagues alike, and he thrives on challenges.

Case Study

Maximising Revenue at Liverpool’s Royal Court

  • One of the leading production houses in the UK

    Liverpool’s Royal Court is one of the leading production houses in the UK. Their team have devised a strategy and business plan which looks to maximise their revenue streams across all areas of their operations.

  • Looking at every aspect of the theatre

    Previously Liverpool’s Royal Court did not receive any external funding and over the years their team has had to look at every aspect of the theatre and identify which areas derives more income in order to maintain their sustainability.

  • Utilise the features of Ticketsolve to drive efficiencies

    This case study provides an insight into how their team cleverly reviewed all aspects of their venue in order to assess which areas could maximise revenue and how they could utilise the features of Ticketsolve to drive efficiencies from all of their efforts.

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Nick Stevenson

Head of Customer Success – Ticketsolve

Nick is instrumental in working with all of our customers to get the most out of Ticketsolve and he helps them to grow as an organisation. He is also instrumental in developing our marketing strategy, and business development in the UK. Nick is an arts guy through and through, previously working in theatres in Wales in senior marketing and business development roles.

Podcast Inside Liverpool’s Royal Court

What makes one of the largest production houses in the UK tick? This week Nick chats to Iain Christie from Liverpool’s Royal Court and learns how they have managed to break down barriers between themselves and their audiences and used that engagement (plus some other unique strategies) to maximise revenue. Iain also shares how Liverpool’s Royal Court planned and executed the theatre’s most recent major redevelopment work.

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