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We pride ourselves on providing the best possible service for every member of the Ticketsolve Community. Whether your question is big or small, there’s always someone to hand who can help you. Here’s the faces of those names and voices who are here to make sure your achieve your goals

Ticketsolve's main team

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Sean Hanly


Sean is Ticketsolve‘s CEO and is critical to the development and vision of Ticketsolve innovations. Sean has worked previously as an agile software consultant, and in development for several other IT consulting firms. Sean seems to be channelling his inner hipster – he uses a standing desk at work, rocks a full beard, and does that home brewing thing. Definitely not a mid-life crisis. Definitely not.

Ticketsolve's Sean
Ticketsolve's Paul

Paul Fadden

Managing Director

Paul is the MD at Ticketsolve and responsible for the strategic direction of the company. Paul has worked as a brand manager for several FMCG brands in Ireland previous to Ticketsolve. If Paul wasn’t working with Ticketsolve, we reckon he would have an amazing future as a stand up comic. Seriously, his jokes are that awesome, and always completely appropriate (cough, cough).

Aoife Naughton

Customer Support

Aoife is a true customer support wizard with heaps of arts and culture experience. She has worked with theatres, festivals and arts organisations in a wide variety of capacities. She brings great enthusiasm and professionalism to Ticketsolve. Aoife is a self-confessed chatterbox and food fanatic. Christmas dinner at Aoife’s then? Oh and you pronounce her name “Ee-fa” not, um, “oaf” 😉

Ticketsolve's Aoife
Ticketsolve's Helen

Helen Collins

Senior Project Manager

Helen has been an events professional for longer than she cares to remember, from box office and fundraising to production and stage management for a host of venues and festivals including the National Concert Hall, Dublin Fringe Festival and Dublin Dance Festival. It was perhaps inevitable that she would join our support team having had them on speed-dial since 2006 as one of the earliest Ticketsolve users with DIFF. She’s also a keen rock climber and pyrotechnician who drinks an alarming amount of tea.

Conor Coyle

Head of Operations

Conor is Ticketsolve’s manager of customer support, training and onboardings. He previously managed the box office at The Helix and has run events and box offices in his ‘spare time’ for years. Conor is the resident music aficionado at Ticketsolve. You know how you listen to “Indie Rock” on Spotify? Well, Conor searches for “Solipsynthm” on Spotify…

Ticketsolve's Conor
Ticketsolve's Nick

Nick Stevenson

Head of Customer Success

Nick is instrumental in working with all of our customers to get the most out of Ticketsolve and he helps them to grow as an organisation. He is also instrumental in developing our marketing strategy, and business development in the UK. Nick is an arts guy through and through, previously working in theatres in Wales in senior marketing and business development roles. Nick is Welsh by the way. His party trick is saying “Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch” three times fast while playing the guitar. Not really. But we can live in hope.

Lucy Costelloe

Head of Marketing

Lucy is part of our sales and marketing team and brings with her a solid arts background having previously worked at The Ark Children’s Cultural Centre, Celtic Connections and the Irish Memory Orchestra. She is an accomplished fiddle player, devoted Ireland rugby supporter and a full-time foodie. With this mix of music and sport, she can usually be found singing in the stands somewhere! La la la…

Ticketsolve's Lucy
Ticketsolve's David

David Dunstan

Head of Customer Support

David is a project manager for new customer accounts in the UK, and also has responsibility for training and technical support, and has tons of previous experience working in the arts. Dunners loves nothing more than a good BBQ and his homebrew. Clearly, this is how he is able to answer hundreds of questions in mere minutes. We’ll have to condone homebrewing even if it is mega-hipstery.

Scott Rubbathan

Product Manager

Scott works with us in customer support, bringing a great depth of experience in ticketing, marketing, editorial and promotions. Scott’s previous work with as their Ticketing Operations Manager, brought him to the forefront of managing ticketing operations and reporting. Previous to that Scott has worked in other support roles in the retail and banking sectors, and has a background in journalism and writing. He says this is a real sentence: Buffalo, buffalo, buffalo, Buffalo, buffalo. We googled it, he’s right. The English language is weird.

Ticketsolve's Scott
Ticketsolve's Priya

Priya Patel


Priya works with the marketing team, specifically on content creation. Previous to Ticketsolve, Priya has worked in corporate communications, advertising and marketing in the US. She got roped into being part of a community choir. She’s hoping no one has noticed she’s just mouthing the words. We’ve heard her sing – really it is for the best.

Sergi Ferran Parera


Sergi joined our development team bringing senior development experience in both frontend and mobile development. He has a wealth of front and backend development experience and has worked all over the world. A keen traveller, Sergi completed an around the world trip in 2017, and is already planning another trip. Don’t mind if we all tag along right Sergi?

Ticketsolve's Sergi

Emma Young

Operations Manager

A people-driven, customer specialist with over 8 years of arts and ticketing experience delivering high-end support, training and customer service to a wide range of arts, heritage and entertainment venues across the UK and Ireland. Emma is perfectly placed to take on the Operations Manager role at Ticketsolve.

At Ticketsolve, Emma, specialised in providing exceptional customer support, care and training to all Ticketsolve customers in all aspects of their use of Ticketsolve over various mediums such as; email, in-person, online
remote and on the phone. In her new role as Operations Manager, Emma will be responsible for the smooth running of ops activities within the busy support team.

Manuel Pedrera

UX Engineer

Manuel is a developer and works mainly on Ticketsolve’s front end. He has worked extensively with mobile and web technologies. He also might be the tallest person we have ever met. Being Spanish, Manuel hasn‘t yet realised the true nature of an Irish summer – he brought sun cream on his last trip to Dublin. We bought him a brolly, a raincoat and wellies.

Ticketsolve's Manu
Ticketsolve's Sav

Saverio Miroddi

Senior Engineer

Saverio Miroddi, Sav is a developer and db/system administrator for us. He has previously worked on applications for broadcasting video on demand via wireless connections. Sav is a top-notch swing dancer, ping pong player, climber and makes a damn good tiramisu – seriously, he‘s Sicilian – if he says it’s good we tend to just agree.

Aileen O’Shea

Head of Accounts

We are over the moon to welcome Aileen to our finance and admin team this month! Aileen is a CIMA qualified accountant with extensive experience across a variety of sectors. She has worked with companies such as Macquarie Bank Limited, Bank of Scotland, Teradyne Ireland, Axios International and Morgan McKinley to name a few. She has worked in a variety of financial management roles, most recently as Financial Controller for EazyCity Limited. We are delighted to have Aileen onboard and the experience she will bring to our admin and finance teams.

Ticketsolve's Aileen
Ticketsolve's Josh

Josh Senior

Customer Support

Josh joins us at Ticketsolve with a wide variety of experience in the arts sector from working in cinemas as a box office manager, projectionist and film programmer (yes, film programmer means he used to get paid to watch films)! Prior to his role with us, he was a Ticketsolve user so has been on the other side of the support coin, and understands all the challenges associated with running a busy venue.

He’s obviously a massive film fanatic and will watch anything starring Keanu Reeves or Nicholas Cage. He spends the rest of his time, at home in Derbyshire, with his wife and three young children.

Andi Minnich

Senior Developer

Andi is part of our front end development team and has worked as an agile project and team lead with a variety of software companies. Andi loves travelling, teepees and apparently lives 800m above sea level, which means he is an Olympic level snow shoveler.

Ticketsolve's Andi
Ticketsolve's Natalie

Natalie Weston

Customer Support

Natalie is joining the support team bringing a variety of experience in customer service, marketing and events management. Natalie has previously worked for several arts and cultural venues in Hampshire, including being a customer of Ticketsolve whilst in post as a Marketing & Development Manager. Briefly switching from the arts to software, her most recent role prior to joining the support team was as Marketing Manager for a print-on-demand sustainable clothing platform. Currently living on the Isle of Wight, she is enjoying having her own home office space – she’s even bought a wobble board to use standing at her desk, so if you’re ever on a video call with her, don’t worry, it’s definitely not your eyes…

Alyssa Elm

Social Media Intern

Alyssa is our new social media intern and brings a tremendous knowledge and passion for social media to our team along with a fantastic can do attitude. She previously attended college studying Equine management as she loves animals and horses in particular.

Currently living in north Lincolnshire, she spends most of her time with her fiance and playing with her four dogs Lilley, Lacey, Cairo, and Dexter!

Ticketsolve's Alyssa

Darren Poynter

Onboarding and Data Migration Manager

Darren brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role having worked a variety of roles in the arts, from box office to stage crew to front of house. More recently, Darren worked with Audienceview, based out of Toronto and more recently for Yesplan as UK Account Manager.

You can find Darren listening to local bands, reading in a quiet spot somewhere, out in a kayak on the Norfolk Broads – or of course at the other end of the line at Ticketsolve.

Aoileann Ní Riain

Customer Support

Aoileann has joins Ticketsolve‘s customer support team. She brings an amazing array of box office management and front of house skills to the support team having worked with the Dublin Theatre Festival, Dublin Dance Festival, Dublin’s St. Patrick‘s Day Festival and much more. She has also worked in Irish language production and broadcasting as well. Aoileann also has a masters in Modern Irish, Her masters thesis? Clann na hÉireann Coiste na bPáistí agus an Óige san Athbheochan, which is a very serious topic about Irish organisations and kids. So we’ve one for Aoileann:

Cnag cnag! Cé atá ann? Neilus Cén Neilus? Níl Fhios agam.

Ticketsolve's James

James Byrne

Senior Developer

James joins our agile team, with experience in web application development and distributed systems. Prior to Ticketsolve, James has worked with Fintech companies including payment gateway software, as well as salon booking systems. James is a keen archer and was team captain during his uni days and is still active with Archery Ireland. This is the point in the bios where we make a silly joke. But like we said, James is an ARCHER . . .

Johnson Chan

Senior Developer

Say hello to Johnson! Johnson is a full stack developer with years of Rails experience and most recently has been working with specialised Rails development company 5xRuby on a variety of projects with specific focus on ecommerce and fintech. Besides his full stack experience, Johnson has also worked as a Ruby on Rails trainer, working with over 150 students as well contributing to several open source projects. We are incredibly delighted to have Johnson onboard – he has already become an invaluable member of our dev team.

Ticketsolve's Johnson
Ticketsolve's Paul Hanly

Paul Hanly

Non-Executive Director

Paul is our former CFO and COO as well as an investor with continued shareholding. He is currently a non-executive director who remains actively involved in strategy and providing advice regarding financial decision-making.

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