Our History

Like many great ideas, it started with a passion to solve a problem.

A simple chat about how we could make a difference – over a pint or two – a “what if?” that became a “why not?” that became a business.

We were a bunch of arts and tech folks, frustrated at how expensive the best ticketing platforms were, and how light on features the cheaper ones were. A lot of the organisations we’d worked for or with were stuck in the in-between.

What if there was a feature-rich, affordable solution? More importantly, why shouldn’t we make it?

Here’s how our story developed…

How it Started


One conversation changed everything. Our day jobs were focused on agile software development until we sat down with the then-director of the Audi (Jameson) Dublin International Film Festival and talked about tickets.

This early collaboration was the spark that ignited Ticketsolve, to become a positive, disruptive change to traditional box office technology.


We worked closely with ADIFF and quickly brought them and Anna Livia Opera live with Ticketsolve. This partnership model – where we work closely with our customers to help them achieve their goals – set the pattern for how we work and think about Ticketsolve, even today.

Ticketsolve's Sean
Screenshot of Mailchimp homepage


By 2009, we were really gaining a foothold in the UK and Ireland. Alongside this growth, we introduced our new logo and branding – the much-loved Ticketsolve Bird, Louis, sadly no longer with us.


Enterprise Ireland took a keen interest in us, which led to us securing BES Funding. This early funding helped grow Ticketsolve substantially, from a small player to a major force.


Integration with Mailchimp, a much-loved email marketing tool. One of the first big integrations that really started to push what Ticketsolve could do in new directions.


New customers coming thick and fast across the UK and Ireland. A really exciting period of growth for us, with these new customers comes a period of deep customer collaborations, as we continued to expand the Ticketsolve platform.


Our scanning functionality was released, allowing mobile devices to be used as wireless scanners at events.


Smartphone saturation arrives. With mobile and tablet transactions on the rise, we made Ticketsolve responsive to ensure that patrons across all of our customers would have a seamless purchasing journey regardless of device or browser. 

Screenshot of Farnham Maltings donation page
Screenshot of Ticketsolve CMS on desktop and mobile


Automation was the name of the game in 2016. The goal of Ticketsolve has always been how we can best help our customers and, as the platform grew, it was clear that what customers really loved was the ability to automate as much as possible. Marketers are busy people who spend a lot of time clicking on things – so, enter Ticketsolve’s Marketing Automations. 


Ticketsolve turns 10! Happy birthday to us!


With 270 customers and 450 software updates, Ticketsolve was ready to show its growth to the world. We let Louis the Ticketsolve bird fly the nest and rebranded, launching with a new website.

Coinciding with this was our biggest update so far – a major back-end reworking that included, among other things, a Zapier integration. This powerful middleware opened up Ticketsolve to connections with more than 3,000 systems.


New developments include our work with the Arts Working Group – an industry group that represents theatres, arts venues and cultural centres in the UK. We’ve since run webinars, released resources, and brought different people from across our industry together.

Developments on the platform include our Ticketsolve Academy training sessions and our Ticket Exchange tool to combat the growing problem of ticket reselling in the industry.

Onboarding team


Lockdown year brought fresh challenges for pretty much all of our customers – is everyone sick of hearing the phrase “unprecedented times” yet? We quickly developed online, on-demand streaming solutions to help our customers get back to bringing the arts to their audiences.

We also used the time to look inwards a little bit, redeveloping Ticketsolve more than ever before. This was the birth of The New Ticketsolve – a ground-up rebuild with a brand-new look!


Updates to our scanning application were the first changes to build on The New Ticketsolve.


And this is where we are now! With over 330 customers, we’ve not slowed down. Live agent sales and the ability to sell through third-party applications has recently launched – along with our new website!

Be part of our story

It’s been quite the ride – care to join us? Book a free demo today and we’ll formally introduce you to the Ticketsolve platform,