Box Office

Buying and selling is an absolute breeze.

Selling Tickets Couldn’t be Easier

Whether your customers are online or off, it’ll be easy for them to buy tickets in the way they prefer. On the website, over the phone, or in person.

Screenshot of Ticketsolve's CMS showing Ticket pricing breakdown
Screenshot of Venue Cymru website on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile

Responsive Online Journey

Mobile functionality isn’t optional anymore – it’s the expected standard. Ensure everyone, no matter their device, gets the best possible booking experience, and see your conversions soar: our customers see rates of 6%, well above the industry average of 1.5%.

Memberships and Friends Schemes

Annual subscriptions, patronages and memberships are essential for arts and culture organisations. Manage your offers, discounts, subscriptions and priority bookings with ease.

Screenshot of Ticketsolve's CRM Box Office Features
Demonstration of Ticketsolve's Box Office special promotion features on mobile

Special Offers and Promotions

Set up complex offers and promotions with the absolute minimum of fuss. Add limits, deadlines, and track performance to maximise ROI.

Plus a whole lot more

Check out more incredible features.