Why Ticketsolve

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A box office system like no other…

Choosing a box office platform is a huge decision – one that’s going to have an impact on every single part of your organisation.

You need to be totally confident that you’ve made the right choice.

Why have more than 345 organisations chosen Ticketsolve? Let’s take a look.

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Our Purpose. Our People. Your Platform

Delivering industry-leading software that truly understands the arts, culture, heritage,  visitor attractions and live entertainment. An experienced team who are always on hand to help. A powerful platform that you can truly make your own.

Our Values

Our goal is to give you the best all-round box office, marketing, CRM and fundraising platform in the industry – one that helps every department and all members of your team. This is how we stick to that mission.

  • Passionate

    We care deeply about what we do – and about what you do, too. We’re truly passionate about  our community and are proud to be a trusted supplier for the creative and cultural industries in the UK and Ireland.

  • Reliable

    We are a partner that you can count on. We’re always available with support, and we deliver 99.9% uptime and 100% reliability. That way, you can focus on what matters and leave the rest up to us.

  • Forward-thinking

    Our work is never done! Creative industries and technology are always evolving, so it’s important for us to stay ahead of the curve, delivering new solutions that help you meet new challenges.

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Meet the Team

We’re the arts lovers and software experts that power Ticketsolve, working closely with you every day to help you get the most out of your platform.

  • Experienced

    With over 15 years experience, Ticketsolve’s team members come from backgrounds in software development and the arts– so we know the problems you’re facing, and we know exactly how to solve them.

  • Approchable

    We take pride in being personable, not faceless email inboxes. From the onboarding process to our 24/7 support, we’re with you – building relationships with our community is how Ticketsolve continues to grow.

  • Available

    You never stop, so neither do we – we’re with you 24/7 for problem-solving, support and maintenance through phone, chat and email. You’re never on your own – we’re always here to help.

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The New Ticketsolve

The latest update of the Ticketsolve platform – built from the ground up – is the most feature-rich yet, overflowing with analytics, integrations and automations that give you complete control over your operations.

  • Powerful

    Leverage your data for targeted campaigns and advanced reportingAutomate and integrate to make your organisation run like clockwork. Take complete control of every aspect of your organisation.

  • Simple

    We make all of our powerful features easy to learn, easy to customise, and easy to use the way you want to. Straightforward dashboard overviews, one-click solutions, and plenty of support along the way.

  • Adaptable

    Scale up, scale down; add new users, locations, ticket types and merchandise; segment your audiences in new ways; and access new features as you need them. Ticketsolve grows and develops with you.

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Take a closer look

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