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Map out your day-to-day goals and complete your most crucial projects with Ticketsolve. Discover our new suite of tools for managing all aspects of your organization or campaign. Ticketsolve helps you organize donors, coordinate teams, track fundraising progress, plan projects, execute marketing campaigns, and much more.

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Boost your productivity with Ticketsolve’s newest feature. “Tasks” brings robust activity and team management directly into your Ticketsolve workflow, allowing you to seamlessly create, assign, and track tasks across your organization.

  • Create detailed tasks

    Include due dates, assignees, tags, and links to customers, orders, and events. Break down large projects into manageable step-by-step tasks to keep your whole team on track.

  • Showcase what’s relevant for you.

    Customize and save filtered view, and sort by assignee, due date, or tags to easily prioritize and manage your workload.

  • Contextualise your to-dos

    Link tasks directly to customers, orders, and events. Click straight through to the associated item from your task view.

  • Make collaboration easier

    Add comments on each task. Discuss progress and next steps to align your team.

  • All in one place

    Access tasks conveniently within Ticketsolve alongside your other key data. No more switching between platforms to manage your customer information, orders, and tasks.

This is just the first of many new Ticketsolve CRM capabilities on the horizon including pipeline and project management, enhanced customer communication tools, and more to transforms Ticketsolve into your all-in-one workflow management hub.

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Our New Features An Introduction

From streamlining programming to simplifying box office admin and maximizing fundraising efforts, our new features ensure heightened organization, enhanced collaboration, and increased productivity. Discover how you can revolutionize your workflow, making Ticketsolve your key CRM and productivity tool.

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Optimising Productivity

We believe that productivity is about working smarter, not harder! We’re adding functionality specifically to help teams and organisations track work, align capacities, and enhance efficiency. The aim of the game: solutions designed to streamline coordination, so you can focus on your mission, not your to-do list.

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