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Welcoming you to the community

A fresh start, a new beginning

We know switching systems can seem daunting, but it’s also an opportunity to grow, develop processes, and achieve new goals.

The Ticketsolve onboarding team will take you through those exciting first steps as you officially join the community and migrate your organisation over to your new platform!

Moving systems can be a headache when it’s not done right. We’ve carefully developed our processes over the years to make it as easy as possible, so you can be completely confident in every aspect of your new platform. From that first tour of the tools you’ll have at your disposal, to the migration of that final byte of data, we’ve got you covered.

You’re in good hands

The onboarding team is led by Darren Poynter. He’s spent most of his professional career in the arts, working his way up from a theatre stagehand to our data migration manager, and doing just about everything there is in between! This means Darren and his team are amazing at tailoring the onboarding experience to your team and your organisation – they’ve likely been in the shoes of every single one of you at some stage!

Ticketsolve's Darren and Lucy
Onboarding team

How Onboarding works

Moving systems can be smooth and effortless when you have the right systems in place. That’s why we’ve put a lot of work into making our onboarding process as painless as possible!

  • Extensive training with everyone in your team that needs it
  • Support with designing the look and feel of the front end that your users see
  • Assistance with integrating all the tools you need
  • Full data migration handled by us, with barely any downtime
  • Post-launch support from our team and our wider Ticketsolve community

Don’t just take it from us…

Pink Slash Fuull
Pink Slash Left Shapes
“Moving to a new system was a very big change for us as it is for any organisation. Many of our staff were apprehensive at first but with the excellent training and the easy to use system, we wish we would have moved sooner. Everything is so much easier from selling a ticket, adding a customer to the waiting list and even creating the shows. It takes much less time.”
Royal Irish Academy of Music
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