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Arts Council England Illuminate

Gather crucial audience data and unlock insightful analytics with Illuminate, the Arts Council England Tool. Integrated directly into Ticketsolve, Illuminate allows you to conduct surveys, analyse box office interactions, and gain a unified view of your audience-related data, all in one place. Now, you can navigate the landscape of audience engagement with more precision and understanding than ever before.

Arts Council England Illuminate
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Seamless integration with the simple-yet-powerful email marketing tool lets you execute targeted campaigns with ease. Combine with the Mailchimp Ecommerce Store for even more automation options.


Our integrations with Ingresso, the leading Global Distribution Network, means you can use Ticketsolve to sell tickets on loads of different platforms including Ticketmaster, Groupon, Travel Zoo, Tripadvisor, and many more.  

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GA4 Integration

Google Analytics 4

Enhance your data-driven decision making with our industry-leading integration with Google Analytics 4. Gain a holistic understanding of your customers’ journey, measure key performance indicators, and optimise your marketing efforts seamlessly. Our advanced integration offers unparalleled insights into your audience behavior, empowering you to tailor effective strategies with precision. Navigate the digital world confidently with Ticketsolve and GA4.

Google Tag Manager

Tag manager lets you add code snippets for things like remarketing and conversion pixels to your website without needing any developer support. It’s the marketer’s best friend, and it integrates fully with Ticketsolve.

Screenshot of Ticketsolve CMS showing code on Google Tag manager
Screenshot showing Ticketsolve's CRM integration features


Connect Ticketsolve to over 3,000 other platforms with Zapier – it’s the integrations integration! A powerful tool, it opens the door to everything from Slack to Quickbooks, Jira to OneDrive, Clockify to… well, something most people might not even have heard of!


Take your customer experience to the next level with crowdEngage, one platform connecting audience messaging, mobile tickets and seamless food & drinks pre-orders. Send Tickets with QR codes automatically to customers’ mobile phones – before each show. No more PDFs, box office queues, or scrambling to find a printer.


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