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Website Accessibility With Catherine Turner

The Ticketsolve Guide focuses on the topic of website accessibility and has been written in collaboration with technology accessibility consultant Catherine Turner.

  • What does Web Accessibility mean for your organisation?

    The guide aims to untangle the different connotations and meanings of the term “accessibility” to promote better understanding and drive change towards improving the online customer experience for all users, including those who need assistive technology.

  • Steps to be more accessible for all

    The guide provides ideas on what the next steps (or first steps) might look like for your organisation and how you can keep the topic of website accessibility at the top of your agenda going forward. 

  • Resources, tools and best practices

    This guide shares with you a long list of resources, tools to incorporate into your practices and some best practices around alt text, video content and the customer journey.

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Lime Tree Theatre Positive Impact

This whitepaper looks at how Lime Tree Theatre made a series of big changes and improvements to become a Green Venue and so their part in supporting the climate crises!

  • Sustainability at the core of their big changes

    The Lime Tree Theatre implemented a series of major enhancements to support a more positive environmental impact and become a green venue.

  • Making changes for a more positive impact

    The changes that their team implemented ranged from venue-wide awareness campaigns & training to reducing paper and launching their most special brochure to date!

  • Embracing an opportunity for transformation

    From LED donation drives to going entirely paperless ticketing, the team at Lime Tree Theatre aren’t looking back and paving the way for environmentally aware venues.

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Case Study Nevill Holt Opera

How Nevill Holt Opera decided to build their perfect ticketing and CRM systems with Ticketsolve & clever integrations!

  • Making Changes for the Better!

    This year the festival experienced lots of changes, one of the most important of which was partnering with Ticketsolve as their ticketing partner.

  • Their Results Are Proven!

    Over 5,000 tickets sold within the first months of sale for their festival with the majority of the festival already over 70% capacity.

  • One Unified Source of Truth!

    Achieving their aim to bring together data for ticketing, membership, fundraising and stakeholder engagement in a single customer view

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Personalised Marketing

  • The Dos and the Don’ts of Personalised Marketing

    Getting started is simple but there’s a few key things you should always remember and others which you should avoid at all costs. We’ll break it down simply for you.

  • Ticketsolve Suggestions To Get Started Quickly

    Get started today using your data and three simple audience development reports!

  • Additional Takeaways and Resources

    Our guide will not only help you get to grips with this marketing strategy, but also grow your expertise and confidence implementing it amongst your entire team and incorporating it within your other practices.

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Case Study

Maximising Revenue at Liverpool’s Royal Court

  • One of the leading production houses in the UK

    Liverpool’s Royal Court is one of the leading production houses in the UK. Their team have devised a strategy and business plan which looks to maximise their revenue streams across all areas of their operations.

  • Looking at every aspect of the theatre

    Previously Liverpool’s Royal Court did not receive any external funding and over the years their team has had to look at every aspect of the theatre and identify which areas derives more income in order to maintain their sustainability.

  • Utilise the features of Ticketsolve to drive efficiencies

    This case study provides an insight into how their team cleverly reviewed all aspects of their venue in order to assess which areas could maximise revenue and how they could utilise the features of Ticketsolve to drive efficiencies from all of their efforts.

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Royal Court Liverpool Case Study cover


The world of Email Automation

  • Communicate with your patrons right when they need it

    Automated emails deliver information to your patrons right when they need it, in a way that’s efficient for you and your team.

  • Full Mailchimp Integration

    Ticketsolve offers a powerful integration with the industry-leading email tool, Mailchimp and our community members share their experience of implementing first time customers, newsletter subscription, membershipsign-ups, and lapsed customer automations.

  • Practical help and advice

    Our Ticketsolve Whitepaper offers practical advice on ways you can implement email automation as part of your digital marketing strategy to increase customers satisfaction, loyalty and revenue generation.

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Ticketsolving: The World of Email Automation whitepaper cover

Case Study

Focus on Community Farnham Maltings

  • Clear mission

    Farnham Maltings is one of the leading arts centres and theatres in the southeast of England. What makes their organisation unique is their clear mission – which is central to the organisation’s strategy, planning and thinking.

  • Raised over £70,000

    Their dedication to their mission helped them ride out the covid storm. This commitment helped them raise over £70,000 from donations and fundraising campaigns through Ticketsolve right when they needed it most.

  • Mission driven has helped them succeed

    This case study will take you through how Farnham Maltings successfully built upon their mission of improving the quality of people’s lives – and what were the outcomes. For Farnham Matlings, being purpose driven and mission driven has helped them succeed long into the future

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Farnham Maltings Case Study cover

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Fundraising & Philanthropy Fundraising Considerations

  • Appeals for donations

    For a lot of organisations, appeals for donations, fundraising campaigns, and the support of stakeholders will form an important and integral stream of revenue over the next few months and years.

  • Communication and relationship management

    Communication and relationship management between the organisation and patron is the key to maintaining important relations with supporters, audience members, and your members and most loyal consumers. 

  • Important considerations

    We work closely with David Johnson of Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy to provide some of the most important considerations to successfully implement fundraising campaigns for your organisation during periods of incremental challenges and barriers to trade in this whitepaper.

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Case Study

How Pavilion Theatre use social media to increase ROI

  • Cultural centre

    Pavilion Theatre is the municipal theatre for Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown, the largest county council in Dublin and it has grown to become a cultural centre of arts and entertainment to thousands of visitors each year.

  • Monitor their ROI

    Through evaluating audience data to finely tune their marketing strategies, Pavilion Theatre great their onlines sales to total 69% or their total revenue. Ticketsolve provides their team a 360 degree view of their efforts and by running their campaigns through the system, their team are able to accurately measure and monitor their ROI to gain maximum rewards from their creative campaigns.

  • 4000% ROI with one Facebook campaign

    This case study highlights how Ticketsolve integrations with social media channels and Google Analytics provided Pavilion Theatre with an incredible 4000% ROI with one Facebook campaign.

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Case Study

Increasing Audience Efficiencies and Exceeding Customer Expectations

  • Komedia Bath

    Komedia Bath is a five time winner of the Chortle Award for Best Venue in the West and Wales and offers a wide range of comedy, music, and cabaret ensuring that the venue is valued as the premier destination for touring entertainment in the area.

  • 800 audience members

    With tickets to popular performances in high-demand at Komedia Bath, their team regularly experienced the frantic hustle and bustle of  nearly 800 audience members arriving into their main auditorium for Doors Open.

  • 99% e-tickets

    With nearly 62% of total ticket bookings for Komedia Bath driven by mobile devices, it’s no surprise that over 99% of attendees are presenting their tickets on their mobile phones. This case study highlights how Komedia Bath increased their efficiencies through mobile scanning and e-ticketing and enhanced their customer experience with the Ticketsolve scanning app.

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Ticketsolve Guide

Your Guide to Segmentation within the Arts

  • The importance of segmentation

    Building a customer segmentation model that works for your organisation means understanding the power of segmentation and what it can do for your marketing efforts.

  • Segmentation models within the industry

    We will cover off all the different models that are out there such as Audience Spectrum, Culture Segments, Total Audience and more.

  • Implementing your segmentation model

    Choosing the right segmentation model is one thing, implementing it is another. The guide will give you tips around how to successfully implement you chosen model.

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