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Building Customer Loyalty

Firstly, place customer relationships front and center by employing a dynamic CRM and marketing platform. This platform, in turn, can connect you to your users through an extensive range of methods. Consequently, this fosters the all-important customer loyalty with your audiences.

Screenshot showing Ticketsolve's CRM loyalty features
Ticketsolve Segmentation guide cover

Customer Segmentation

Firstly, create customer profiles and audience segments with the click of a button. This, in turn, provides you with the essential information and organization needed to effectively target each communication. Consequently, the value of every interaction is maximized, ensuring optimal results.Use additional tags and categories to segment further and build bespoke reports to target highly specific groups. Want to find everyone who has bought a ticket in the last two years, and has also donated, in a particular post code? No problem!

Segmentation Guide

Custom Campaign & Tracking

Plans change, campaigns evolve. Stay flexible and agile in your marketing efforts with Ticketsolve’s custom campaigns. Rather than being tied to a specific campaign strategy at all times, you can get creative and experiment with different targeting, creative assets, and more. You’re in complete control.

Screenshot showing Ticketsolve's CRM Custom Campaign Features
Screenshot showing Ticketsolve's CRM integration features

Connect to Other CRM Systems

Already got an established CRM that works for you? No bother! Ticketsolve can integrate either directly or through Zapier, giving you complete control over what data is passed where, and when.


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