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Streamline ticketing, marketing, CRM, memberships, fundraising, and more with the all-in-one Ticketsolve platform. Arts organisations nationwide are making the switch from Ticketsource and Eventbrite to gain complete operational control from one intuitive, custom hub.

Competitive pricing delivers considerable savings tailored to your organization’s specific needs and ensuring sustainable growth. Take command of booking charges, by simplifying customer fees and driving ancillary revenue when suitable. Upsell merchandise, programs, and more with dynamic and fully-customisable booking journeys. Dive into robust sales reports and leverage our powerful report writer to extract key data for sharper decision making around promotions, offers, and campaigns. With Ticketsolve’s comprehensive toolkit you’ll boost team workflows, online conversions, and revenue streams.

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Powerful & Flexible

  • An all-in-one system

    We’ve helped many arts organisations make the switch from platforms like Ticketsource and Eventbrite to our fully integrated all-in-one system.

  • Streamlining your operatons

    Enabling you to control all aspects of your operation from one system: ticketing, marketing, CRM, memberships and fundraising.

  • Boosting efficiency and conversions

    Improve your team’s efficiency and increase online booking conversions, with a system designed to be as user friendly to a venue’s staff as it is to their customers.

Competitive Pricing Tailored to your Usage

  • Saving your organisation money

    Our competitive pricing models means switching to Ticketsolve often helps organisations make huge savings on their ticketing and marketing budgets.

  • Flexible pricing models

    Pricing is tailored specifically around how your organisation functions. Whether via a per ticket model or percentage of revenue model, we’ll work with you to find the most sustainable long-term solution.

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Fully Customisable Booking Charges

  • Keep it flexible

    You are fully in control of how you do, or don’t, pass booking charges on to your customers.

  • Keep it transparent

    Keep your fees simple whilst also driving additional revenue. Ticketsolve equips you with the ability to charge fees on both the inside and outside of a ticket price. So you can keep everything clear for your customers.

Diversify Your Revenue

  • Sales Boosting

    Alongside fully-customisable booking journeys, up and cross sell any ancillary products (such as programmes and merchandise) that might be beneficial to your revenue streams.

  • Data Driven

    With our extensive portfolio of sales reports and a bespoke report writer, you’ll be able to dive into your data and empower more effective decision making around sales and marketing campaigns.

  • Getting ahead

    Our new ‘Event Hub’ feature enables you to pre-sell food & beverage ahead of specific events. It’s not just your customers who’ll thank you for helping them beat the queues, your bar staff will feel the benefit too!

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