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Ticketsolve’s session at the Ticketing Professionals Conference is gearing up to tackle one of the industry’s hottest topics: audience behavior within venues. From managing crowd dynamics to enhancing the overall experience, our panel of experts will be sharing the good, the bad, and mainly the ugly when it comes to navigating the challenges of modern audiences

Plus, pop over to our booth in the exhibition hall, where our team will be facilitating discussions and networking opportunities, and, of course, keeping those teas and coffees flowing. We can’t wait to connect with our peers in the arts and culture sector and show you how Ticketsolve can propel your organization to new heights in 2024 and beyond.

See you there!

Going Offscript Navigating the challenges of modern audiences

Join us from 10:10 – 11:10 on Friday 22 March in Hall 5

Cheers and jeers, boos and booze, applause and outburst—the meltdown of manners is creating a storm for venue and theatre managers all over the UK and Ireland.

According to a survey conducted by Ticketsolve, 91.5% of participants have experienced massive disruptions caused by audience members and 66% of these respondents already have a policy in place regarding audience etiquette.

Inviting over 350 cultural organisations to contribute, the survey shows the frustration and challenges of managing audience behaviours onsite.

Our panel will share the results of our survey and we’ll be joined by a vast panel of venue managers to dissect the conclusions and share their experiences.

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Introducing Our Speakers

Lucy Costelloe

Head of Sales and Marketing at Ticketsolve

Lucy is an experienced arts professional known for her innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit. She’s an accomplished fiddle player, board member of the Ulster Orchestra, and an Irish Research Council Scholar conducting her PhD on resilient decision-making practices in the arts and cultural sector.

Richie Ross

General Theatre Manager, Ipswich Theatres

Richie Ross oversees the Ipswich Regent Theatre, East Anglia’s largest venue celebrating its centenary in 2029, and the multi-purpose Corn Exchange. He joined Ipswich Borough Council in 2017 after working in late night entertainment, theatre production, tour management, and briefly for a commercial operator.

Share your Experiences

At Ticketsolve, we want to understand what’s really happening in venues like yours when it comes to audience behaviour. We’re still collecting responses – so be sure to add your thoughts if you haven’t already, and help inform our panel discussion!

Share your experiences

The Disruption Dilemma Exploring Approaches to Managing Audience Behaviour

Ticketsolve conducted a survey involving over 350 arts organizations, focused around “the Disruption Dilemma”, exploring the challenges of disruptive audience behaviour. The responses provided insights into audience etiquette experiences from UK and Irish venues. Our whitepaper delves into the survey results and explores five case studies showcasing how organisations of different sizes and programming innovatively approach managing audience behaviour.

Download the whitepaper

Podcast The Show Must Go On

In this podcast, we sit down with Dr. Kirsty Sedgman, author, lecturer and award-winning scholar specialising in audience research and cultural value from Bristol University, to discuss how audience behaviour has changed and the challenges faced by the industry in maintaining a welcoming and respectful atmosphere.

Throughout the episode, we explore the intricate dynamics of theatre etiquette and what is acceptable behaviour; from phones and snacks to dress codes and applause protocol. It’s clear that there are complex issues at play, including exclusionary expectations, that need to be tackled.

Listen here

P10Y A New Approach to Leadership

We’re also talking productivity & leadership: join us on Thursday 21st March at at 15:40 – 16:10 in Hall 5

Whether you’re agile or autocratic, transformational or laissez-faire, leadership in the sector is not only under scrutiny – but under pressure!!

In this session, we look at what it means to be a productive leader and how you can foster effective change across your organisation.

We cover some of the big topics and the concerns around tick box exercises and greenwashing and support you to navigate through some of the toughest decisions and considerations.

We’d love to speak to you at TPC! To arrange quick chat, just let us know your name, details and preferred day(s) and we’ll be in touch to set up a meeting 👇