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Website Accessibility With Catherine Turner

The Ticketsolve Guide focuses on the topic of website accessibility and has been written in collaboration with technology accessibility consultant Catherine Turner.

  • What does Web Accessibility mean for your organisation?

    The guide aims to untangle the different connotations and meanings of the term “accessibility” to promote better understanding and drive change towards improving the online customer experience for all users, including those who need assistive technology.

  • Steps to be more accessible for all

    The guide provides ideas on what the next steps (or first steps) might look like for your organisation and how you can keep the topic of website accessibility at the top of your agenda going forward. 

  • Resources, tools and best practices

    This guide shares with you a long list of resources, tools to incorporate into your practices and some best practices around alt text, video content and the customer journey.

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Website Accessibility More than a nice to have, digital accessibility is essential!

We ensure that all aspects of the customer booking journey through Ticketsolve are WCAG 2.2 (AA) compliant. The only ticketing software partner to provide this level of website accessibility.

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WCAG Version 2.2 Level AA Compliance Badge

Understanding Web Accessibility Making the complicated simple

Website accessibility allows anyone with any disability or impairment to use the web equitably.  

Did you know under Irish & UK law all public entities must meet a AA standard? This topic has become and will remain high on the agenda for arts & cultural organisations. 

With this in mind, our team understands the pressures on teams to ensure that all aspects of their websites are accessible. Ticketsolve is one area they do not need to be concerned about as we achieve the benchmark required for this standard.

WCAG 2.2 Compliant What does it mean?

AA provides a set of standards and guidelines to ensure the accessibility of your website. 

These standards ensure that content is easily available and in a readable format, that the page is traversable by the use of a keyboard, that all images have alt text included, and that the web application supports larger size fonts and high percentage levels for zoom. 

With this in mind, Ticketsolve has made a promise that developments around AA functionality will be at the core of our future releases. The agile processes utilised by our development team position website accessibility as an iterative process and not a finishing line. 

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WCAG: Web Content Accessibility Guideline Pushing the boundaries of the benchmarks higher

WCAG provide benchmarks that each site must hit. The benchmarks cover areas around the alternative text (including multilingual support), colour contrast, dynamic content interaction, and page elements including the functionality of buttons, inputs and dropdowns. 

These guidelines direct us in the right direction forward for accessibility. That means that we don’t put a full stop after projects like this. We understand that web accessibility constantly changes and can become increasingly complicated as our awareness develops.

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An Unbiased Consultation with leading technology accessibility consultant, Catherine Turner

Catherine Turner is a trustee for Colchester Arts Centre, a technology accessibility advisor and a loyal patron of many art forms. Catherine has a passion for tech and a Masters in computer science and experience in testing. Bringing her extensive knowledge of technology and her experience of assisted technology as a disabled person, Catherine worked closely with our senior developers in ensuring the developments to our user interface were robust, integral and accessible.

You can find out more about our project developments on the latest episode of The Arts & Everything in Between Podcast.

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