The Arts & Culture Collective  A Series of Think Tank Workshops to support the current uncertainties of the sector

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The Arts & Culture Collective is a cohort which has been formed across the UK and Ireland. The purpose of this initiative is to understand how we currently use  data in times of great uncertainty to inform innovation in practices that will lead to greater sustainability throughout the sector.

The Think Tank series is aimed at identifying the biggest challenges facing our teams. The workshops look at our practices and the use of data to better inform our decisions and safeguard the sustainability of our organizations.

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Gaining an Accurate Measurement For Sustainable Success Missing the Mark or On the Right Track?

Our next workshops takes place on Tuesday, 13th June at 10.30 am. For this conversation, we welcome the expertise of Tom Stickland Senior Consultant at TRG Arts. In this workshop responding to The Arts & Culture Benchmark, we look at our current use of data within evaluation practices, how we navigate actionable insights to make strategic decisions, and how we use this information to encourage behaviours amongst our audiences that contribute to our goals and objectives. 

If you would like to participate in this online think tank, express your interest by registering below!

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With Sean Kelly, Founder of Vatic Putting a Price on Loyalty

The members of the Arts & Culture Collective are hosted an online think tank workshop on Wednesday, 10th May at 3pm which welcomed special speaker, Sean Patrick Kelly an automated dynamic pricing expert for the performing arts and founder of Vatic. The think tank will look at breaking through the barriers of the assumptions we make internally around pricing. 

If you are interested in joining us a future online for this think tank, please register your interest here. You can find out more about The ACC initiative online here

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Emotions are used more than logic to make decisions

We make hundreds, maybe thousands of decisions every day and most of them are based on what our emotions are telling us.

The pressure the sector is feeling to make tough decisions won’t go away unless we can find better solutions to problem-solving and critically reflect on how we inform our organisational strategies. What we want to uncover is how data can inform what we do, when we don’t have the answers.

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The challenges that await seem daunting but we’re facing them collectively

Navigating uncertainty is not an easy process, but it has become a mandatory part of arts and cultural management.

In 2020, our sector was hit with the biggest uncertainty most of us have ever experienced in our professional lives. The topics and scenarios that are presented during the Think Tank sessions all revolve around how we act, think, and make decisions during times of uncertainty.

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Arts & Culture Collective - Arts & Culture Insight

Putting an end to the barrier of information overload

Analysis Paralysis is a real thing and it negatively impacts the output of creative teams. It occurs when your brain suddenly becomes overtaxed by worry or pressure, and you fail to execute in the critical moment. Where the right thing to say is stuck in a verbal traffic jam between your brain and your mouth.

Too much information can have a negative impact on your team. In this session, we’ll work together to form an informed approach to best practices from data-driven decision making.

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Arts & Culture Collective - Analysis Paralysis
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“We were flying up until mid-March and then two or three weeks into the Ukraine war. . . people started talking about inflation. Oil prices went through the floor, and that’s when we saw a complete drop off on bookings”
Louise Donlon, Theatre Executive Director at Limetree Theatre

A collaborative project that aims to provide value for the sector

The Arts & Culture Collective is an initiative that has been devised as part of a collaborative project with Ticketsolve, The University of Limerick and is funded by the Irish Research Council and is an integral piece of research.

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